So one of the lucky editors over at NOTCOT recently got to spend a night at the famed Le Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris which was recently renovated by uber designer Philippe Starck.  Apart from the entire hotel, the lucky guest decided to do a post that focused on the bathroom alone.  You’ll understand why when you read about the experience:

For my final night in Paris, I popped into the newly redone Le Royal Monceau, and it is an understatement when they say this luxurious hotel designed by Starck is meant to embrace and inspire artists — my head couldn’t stop spinning from the moment i checked in with all of the tiny visual details and surprises tucked EVERYWHERE! (Yet somehow it still pulls of a beyond 5 star luxury lusciousness). So as I curl up jetlagged from a non-stop week into the ridiculously comfortable bed (details to come on that) — and while you could probably sit in me in a corner of the hotel with my camera and multiple inspired posts would appear — let’s start with the bathroom. A wonderland of mirrors, fun amenities, an inviting tub, AND there are vintage swimmers in black and white hidden behind the mirror! As well as a silver lobster over the loo.

For more incredible finds like this one be sure to visit NOTCOT. And if you happen to find yourself in Paris with a bit of extra cash you can reserve your room by visiting the website of Le Royal Monceau Hotel (P.S. I did a little research and it looks as if the minimum price per night is around $1,028 US … and that was booking 9 months ahead. Enjoy!)

I’m just taking a wild guess but I wouldn’t doubt that Starck took a small hint of inspiration from the final scene in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. And I don’t blame him one bit.  I’ve always said if I ever manage to finance my dream home I am recreating every square inch of this bedroom:

Source: NOTCOT


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