For each season of American Idol, the show’s producers accommodate the talent in a multi-million dollar estate. This year is no exception as the contestants found themselves in a massive 9-bedroom Bel Air mansion. In some cases, however, luxury is trumped by a dark past, and this case is no exception as it appears the house is exploding with paranormal activity. “Some people are convinced that there’s a ghost there, especially Allison [Iraheta],” Anoop Desai tells PEOPLE. It’s not just a matter of seeing “her,” according to Desai, who says the ghost, named Phyllis, is “just a friendly troublemaker. She bangs around and keeps people awake. Allison hears something in her room every night.”

Adds former contestant Lil Rounds: “I’ve never had any encounters with Phyllis, and I’m glad I didn’t, because I was in a room by myself, so I would’ve been totally freaked out.” But that hasn’t stopped others from being spooked. “Allison said she lives in her room,” says Rounds. “She’s heard growls and loud banging, and the rest of the girls have seen glimpses of her too.” As for how the witnesses describe Phyllis, Rounds reveals, “Like a white shadow walking across the room.”

The finalists left the exclusive Beverly Hills property on Monday (March 21, 2011) after spending just three weeks there. Contestants initially started to believe that the mansion was haunted after lights began flickering and behaving strangely, but there was also more than one disturbing large-scale blue spider infestation. The group were sent over the edge last week when several of them witnessed a bed sheet had “suddenly taken on a life of its own” and floated down a staircase as if it was alive. The contestants were so traumatized by the paranormal activity that the producers of American Idol decided it would be best to move the talent to a new undisclosed location.

Sources: People and Contact Music


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