Scientists Feed Silkworms Dyed Mulberry Mix And Produce Glowing Neon Silk With Possible Medical Applications

by • March 24, 2011 • Nature, ScienceComments (0)3718

Scientists have developed a technique for producing brightly-colored silk without the need for dying the fibers.  By feeding the silkworms a mulberry mixture containing fluorescent dye, the team was able to create brightly-colored silk that is not only completely unaffected as far as its molecular strength, but it also happens to be luminescent–the silk actually has glowing properties.  Because the dye is integrated with the silk filaments at a molecular level, the color is permanent.  As an added bonus, the silk is not only beautiful, but it may also carry with it certain medical applications which are currently being explored by researchers.

Source: Craftzine via PSFK

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