If there’s one thing this blog is helping me with it’s how much closer I’m getting to visualizing my dream home.  It’s one thing to see an article and pics about a home that you like, but to go through it, pick the photos you want to show, write a story about it, etc., it forces you to plant the seeds deeper in your mind.  When I saw this house I was reminded of another design that recently struck me: The Cerveira House located in Portugal.  Knowing me, before FEELguide I would have maybe kept the links to these two homes in my Gmail account for future reference only to completely forget where I had placed them, forever losing the references.  Now I have a convenient way of logging all my faves into a database so should the gods ever bless me with enough money to start designing and building my dream house I’ll know where I stored my inspiration refs.  Fingers crossed.

The Onick Spanu House is located in Garrison, New York, right near the Hudson River. It’s 122-feet long, 54-feet wide, and 12-feet tall, with a roof that cantilevers 10-feet. Three areas are created within, divided by two white boxes that do not reach the ceiling, containing stairs and service spaces.  The central space is the living area, and the dining room has a large white table.  On one side, closer to the swimming pool, is the kitchen, and on the other side in the manner of a pensatorio, is the area around the hearth. In the cement box below you will find the beds and baths.  In its central vestibule, connecting the main entrance and the access to the garden, a gallery has been created where the owners’ art is displayed.  To see more pics you can read the full article at Contemporist, and you can also visit the designer’s website: Alberto Campo Baeza Architects.

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Source: Contemporist


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