The Deep Spatial Sounds Of Subvader

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It’s quite safe to assume we will be seeing some exciting upcoming developments unfold in the professional life of Michigan’s very own Subvader.  A fan base and a level of attention that can, in many cases, take a producer years to achieve is rightfully being awarded to and cultivated by this Darth Lord of bass synthology in record time (he’s only 20).  It’s always amazing to watch a career on the verge of hyperspace, and these two tracks below will show you why.  “Neon Raceway” is a dreamthrobby, pulsating boost of happiness that may very well inspire involuntary dance steps on a bustling city sidewalk, as it did for me earlier this afternoon. And “Sex Eyes” is a zippy little gem that will transport you to your Sexy Power Place almost instantly. For some reason the synth riff he uses in this one kept flooding my mind with images of Billy Dee Williams gettin’ jiggylicious in his portrayal of Lando Calrissian in The Empire Strikes Back. I won’t elaborate, however, on what he was doing to Princess Leia.

Neon Raceway 1
Sex Eyes 1

To hear more from Subvader you can visit his website at, as well as read a previous Subvader post of mine with links to all his other sites here.

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