I must admit I was wrong about Zaha Hadid.  When I was getting my degree in Architecture I remember every time I saw a rendering of a Zaha Hadid design (that was back in 1995-2000). I would grunt, shake my head, and say, “Yeah right.  Good luck with that.” I was also turned off by the gimicky 3D modelling style of her designs.  They just looked like gooey, stretched-out globs that were more fancies of the imagination than respectable architecture.  Her style really turned me off, and quite frankly I thought it was boring, predictable, and unrealistic. Also, at that stage of her career she hadn’t actually built anything and I honestly didn’t think she would be able to.  I thought she was all talk and no walk.  Well, boy was I wrong.  Not only have many of her creations been built, but they’ve turned out to be extraordinarily successful examples of envelope-pushing architecture.  Check out Zaha’s recently-completed opera house in Guangzhou, China in the photos below.

Zaha Hadid’s () Guangzhou Opera House is now open in Guangdong province, China. Featuring two separate forms that seem to puzzle together, the project serves as a gateway to the city, enhancing urban functions and opening access to the nearby river and docks. Combining cultural traditions with a contemporary approach, the structure has become a catalyst for new cultural initiatives and advancement in the area.  Located in the heart of Guangzhou’s cultural development, the faceted glass, concrete and steel structure provides visual connection to the buildings and the Pearl River that surrounds it. Derived from contours that occur within the natural landscape, the building features undulating and curvaceous forms that move along with visitors as they navigate through the space.  Interior volumes become dramatic environments that directly relate to the circumventing landscape through vast spans of glazing.

You can learn more about Zaha Hadid’s incredible career and designs by clicking HERE.
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Source: Design Boom


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