This just blew my mind wide open.  MIT is currently working on an incredibly groundbreaking scientific study that will be an enormous help to people with autism, and will even help your computer, smart phone, and iPad become more human:

Daniel McDuff at the MIT Media Lab Affective Computing Group is doing innovative research on how to recognize natural facial expressions to help people with autism and communication challenges, and to make technology more respectful of human feelings. Affectiva is an MIT spin-out creating cloud-based tools to collect and communicate emotion data. Dan and Affectiva came together to gather the world’s largest corpus of facial videos that will be used to advance the understanding of human emotions. Thank you for contributing to our research.

When you jump to the FORBES site you will come to an interface (just like below) that will present you with three videos to watch.  As you’re watching the videos, MIT is gathering valuable information from your face (especially your smile) and will enter that data into their growing body of facial data from around the world.  Something as simple as your smile could one day very soon help an autistic person have a much easier life, and eventually could also provide you with a richer and more fascinating relationship with both technology and business.

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Source: FORBES


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