Award-Winning Braille Watch For The Blind

by • February 25, 2011 • Industrial And Product DesignComments (0)2594

First publised in PSFK (February 25, 2011) by Kyle Studstill....Haptica is a concept watch in development through Kickstarter, intended to provide those without sight a tactile method for determining time without relying on disruptive audio cues. Led by industrial designer David Chavez, the project aims to bring good design to a community that is often overlooked and underserved. Using a mechanical system that rotates braille notation into the center display, the design concept has won two international design awards, including the Spark Award for beauty and innovation. David describes the project below:

Haptica presents a logical alternative for the blind and replaces the archaic products currently available. It provides precision and discretion to the user and seeks to improve the quality of life for a consumer market that is oftentimes over looked. Like most products for people with disabilities, it’s somewhat of a niche market. Many products in this category are clumsy and unappealing. Raising funds or finding a big company to back these kinds of products is difficult. By harnessing the power of crowd sourcing, a great concept can become a great product and we won’t have to compromise the creative process. We’ll be able to create a product that will be both functional and beautiful.

Source: PSFK

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