Jonathan Franzen Opens Up About To The Paris Review

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Acclaimed writer, Jonathan Franzen, recently sat down with The Paris Review and spoke about his motivation for writing, his thoughts on music, and his creative dynamic with his wife:

On why he writes: “I want to bring pleasure with everything I write.  Intellectual pleasure, emotional pleasure, linguistic pleasure, aesthetic pleasure.”

On David Foster Wallace: “I perceived, rightly or wrongly, that our friendship was haunted by a competition between the writer who was pursuing art for art’s sake and the writer who was trying to be out in the world.”

On his freshly-acclaimed novel Freedom: “In Freedom, the recurrent metaphor is sleepwalking.  Not that you’re deceiving yourself—you’re simply asleep, you’re not paying attention, you’re in some sort of dream state.”

On James Wood: I stopped reading my reviews after James Woods’ piece on The Corrections…[W]hat he wrote was a quibbling and carping and narrowly censorious thing, with a willfully dense misreading of my Harper’s essay.”

His M.F.A. Program: “I got married instead to a tough reader with great taste. We had our own little round-the-clock M.F.A. program.”

The Power of Music: I’m more envious of music than of any other art form—the way a song can take your head over and make you feel so intensely and so immediately. It’s like snorting the powder, it goes straight to your brain.”

To read more of The Paris Review’s interview with Jonathan Franzen and to view their Winter Issue, click here.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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