4-Year-Old Boy Has Near-Death Experience, Gives Parents Details Of Great Grandfather And His Mother’s Miscarried Daughter From Years Before

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In March 2003, Todd and Sonja Burpo were facing a parent’s worst nightmare.  Their 4-year-old son, Colton, became very ill.  His appendix had unknowingly burst.  Surgery was the only option but even then, he was fighting for life.

Colton survived. But several months later, his parents learned that something happened during their son’s operation—Colton visited heaven.  Over many months, Colton told of his experience.  He was able to describe things that he could not have known.  He met a sister who was miscarried before he was born.  He saw his grandfather who died 30 years earlier.  He said he watched his parents pray for him while he was in surgery.  He also described heaven, Jesus and others he saw on his journey.

Todd Burpo acts as narrator, and often uses Colton’s own words as he tells his son’s story.  Burpo also shares the lessons he and his wife learned from their young son’s visit to heaven.  When asked what he wants people to know from his story, Colton, now 11, said: “I want them to know that heaven is real.”



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