Danny Boyle’s “127 Hours” Hailed As “Triumphant, Kaleidoscopic Thrill”

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Aron Lee Ralston (born October 27, 1975) is an American mountain climber and public speaker.  He gained fame in May 2003 when, while canyoneering in Utah, he was forced to choose between life an death after falling down a crevasse and getting pinned by a several-ton boulder.  He chose life, and now his story has been immortalized on screen by Danny Boyle in the film “127 Hours.”  The film’s reviews are glowing, and it is being hailed as a “revelation.”

In adapting Ralston’s memoir, Boyle and his co-screenwriter Simon Beaufoy have taken what could have been the man vs. nature equivalent of torture porn and transformed it into a visceral, exhilarating drama about hope, life and the need to belong to something greater than one’s self. As Aron grows increasingly delirious in his days trapped in the canyon, he flashes back to the mistakes he’s made and dreams of the life he could lead. (IGN)

Several critics have recounted the feeling that overcame them after seeing the film as being an overwhelming and all-encompassing sense of euphoria to simply be alive.  “127 Hours” is gradually opening wide across North America, and should be in full release by the end of November.


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