Machine Lays Brick Roads In Seconds

by • November 16, 2010 • TechnologyComments (0)2266

Tiger Stone™ is an incredible automatic machine that literally prints out a brick road. This paver laying device has an angled plain that is fed with bricks which are automatically packed together by gravity as the machine moves forward on a sand base. With just minimal intervention from workers, it can lay out 400 square meters of road with a six meter width in a day, making it an amazing timesaving machine that rolls out easily repairable and relatively eco-friendly roads in quick time.

What I can’t understand is how someone capable of inventing a machine as impressive as this would decide to use the world’s most craptastic music to accompany their promo video.  Be sure to turn off the volume so as to not contaminate your impression of this very cool machine.  If you would like to buy your very own Tiger Stone™ to pave bricks throughout your apartment or around the city block where you live, click here.


Source: PSFK

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