I came across this piece at Open Travel about the most beautiful floral landscapes in the world and was stopped dead in my tracks.  I picked only 3 to show you, but there’s plenty more if you visit their site.  The first shot is from Provence, France where lavender grows like weeds.  As much as I would love to see a field of wild lavender, there’s something so breathtaking about the perspective and curvature of the planting ribbons as well.

The second shot is a tulip farm in Holland.  As the world’s leading cultivator and exporter of tulips, the Netherlands does its best to keep up the reputation with perfectly manicured fields, incredible variety of colors and fabulous flower parades held throughout the country between April and September.

Thirdly is a shot of Japan’s cherry blossoms in a city park.  Between March and May every year, Japan dons her coat of light pink and for a brief moment, the cherry blossom invades even the gloomiest parts of urban concrete jungles. Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto or Nagasaki – they’re all transformed into exquisite floral displays of delicate beauty, and the normally fabulous Japanese countryside becomes even more appealing.  Travel to Japan in cherry season to discover the delight of “Hanami”, the age-old practice of picnicking under a blooming sakura, take a walk through clouds of blossoms, and learn about the flowers’ fascinating symbolism of love, spring, and good fortune.

See more of the world’s most stunning floral landscapes here.


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