Tom Ford Keeping Quiet About His Next Film Project

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The Playlist recently posted this piece about Tom Ford’s next project.  Apart from letting us know that Colin Firth won’t be part of it (although he’s jealous of whoever will be), he also mentioned how Tom is keeping his next movie a closely-guarded secret:

Tom Ford‘s adaptation of Christopher Isherwood‘s iconic 1964 novel “A Single Man” was one of the most accomplished directorial debuts in recent history, though, with the former creative director of fashion houses Gucci and Yves Saint-Laurent behind the camera, we probably should have seen the immaculate shooting, exquisite detailing and emotional richness coming. One of the underpinning successes of the film was, of course, star Colin Firth who earned an Oscar nomination for his performance, a career-defining one which has subsequently led to his highly-lauded performance as King George VI in Tom Hooper‘s “The King’s Speech,” itself tipped to score the actor the major prize this time around.

Speaking with Moviefone, Firth briefly mentioned Ford’s next mysterious cinematic venture though, at the same time, cast doubt on if he would return to work with the director. “I do know that he has plans to make another movie,” Firth noted. “I consider him a very good friend, but he won’t give anything away to me about what the film is. I know, whatever it is, it’s gonna be very different from ‘A Single Man.’ I’m jealous of whoever’s going to be in it.”

Ford has been dropping hints about his follow-up since doing press for his debut—having described it as something “very different” to his debut, something he’s developing “from scratch” presumably meaning it’s an original screenplay and additionally noting a “need to make my next movie in London because that’s where my design studio is, and it was a little hard making [‘A Single Man’] in LA because my design team had to come with suitcases full of clothes on the weekends for fittings.”

Ford has remained quiet since those early hints and has no problem redirecting inquiries about the project by saying, “I’m not telling you anything about it.” We presume Ford is hard at work developing the project and frankly, we couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of a new feature by the accomplished helmer.

Clearly this Moviefone interviewer needs to learn some waterboarding techniques to get more out of his subjects.  Apparently hypnosis works quite well also, “Yes Tom, now that you’re in a deep waking sleep I would like you to tell me more about this next film project of yours … yes … now let’s get you out of that uncomfortable suit.”


Source: The Playlist

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