Footage Captured At Charlie Chaplin Film Premiere In 1928 Shows Time-Travelling Woman Talking On Cellphone

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Mesmerizing footage, similar to the JFK Zapruder film, has just been discovered and it seems to show a woman talking on a mobile phone at the 1928 premiere of a Charlie Chaplin film at Mann’s Chinese Theatre.  Theories abound that this is evidence of time travel.  I guess we’ll never know the truth about this one.

Irish native George Clarke caught the image of what appears to be a stocky old woman chatting on a cellular telephone. The black-and-white scene is peculiar, to say the least, if only for the obvious reason that the cellular mobile phone wasn’t invented until the early 1970s.  In the footage, the woman appears in frame with her hand to her ear, and her mouth moving; she crosses the screen and turns, happily chatting as the scene cross-fades. The unexplainaed old lady clearly has something in her hand (seeing as how the woman is alone) and she appears to be talking into or at it.

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