The Top 16 Plants That Naturally Detoxify The Air In Your Home

by • October 7, 2010 • HealthComments (0)2594

The Huffington Post has a great article on the plants that are best able to detoxify the air in your home:

Cigarette smokers, nail polish buyers, and eager home fixer-uppers; you might want to listen up. The air in you house could be swimming with dangerous chemicals that cause dizziness, headaches, compromise your immune system, and even eventually lead to cancer.

While outdoor air contains low levels of benzene from motor vehicle exhaust and industrial emissions, it can be found in higher levels indoors. It comes from products like glue, paint, furniture wax, detergents and cigarette smoke. Benzene can cause long-term effects on bone marrow, with a decrease in red blood cells leading to anemia, and eventually leukemia. It can also compromise the immune system.

See the full list at The Huffington Post.

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