Paramount Pictures Releases 15-Second Viral Clip For “Paranormal Activity 2” Giving New Meaning To Term “Repossessed Home”

by • September 27, 2010 • Movies, Unexplained, VideoComments (0)2150

The good folks over at Bloody Disgusting had a momentary fit of trepidation when they received an anonymous envelope at their door.  Inside they found a USB flash drive with no indication as to who it was from.  Was it a virus?  Were there incriminating photos of them followed by an extortion attempt for money?  Neither.  The drive contained a video from Paramount Pictures with a very short piece of footage from “Paranormal Activity 2“.  While the first film relied heavily on the viewer’s fear of the unknown, this small clip leads me to think that the sequel will offer up much more direct fright.  I will be the first in line when it opens on October 22.

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