“The Unseen Sea” by Simon Christen

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Simon Christen has made a spectacular time-lapse film of San Francisco.  I lived in San Francisco for the first half of 2001 near the corner of Hayes and Divisadero (1/2 block from Alamo Square and the famous strip of homes featured in the opening of “Full House”) and one of my most vivid memories happened early one morning around 6:00am.  Me and my roomie/bestie Julie lived on the third floor and I awoke to the sound of the fog horn of San Francisco Bay.  I had left my windows open that night and the courtyard that my bedroom looked out upon had filled with a dense fog that topped off so perfectly it looked as if there was a sea level of white frothy dry ice at the exact same height as the bottom of my windows.  My bedroom had filled up with the white dreamy fog and floated around just below my duvet cover.  I’m not even exaggerating when I explain this.  I felt like Peter Pan.  San Francisco is one of the most stunningly beautiful cities on earth.  If you’ve never been you are seriously missing out on something special.  Buy your ticket immediately.

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  1. Ange Limlaw says:

    Brent, thank you for blogging this. this man’s work absolutely took my breathe away. simply amazing.


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