Yale Scientists Discover Dog Super-Intelligence Is Very Real & Far More Powerful Than They Thought

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In December 2013 the Canine Cognition Center opened its doors within thPsychology Department at Yale University.  Within a few short months, researchers have already made extraordinary discoveries about the super-intelligence exhibited by the dogs being studied.  In a feature profile by NBC Nightly News, CCC director, Laurie Santos, describes some of what she and her team have learned.  “Dogs that are slightly less social might solve problems more on their own, and have better problem solving abilities,” said Santos.  “What dogs overall have done is not necessarily to become smarter, but use difference strategies.  Dogs are making expectations about your actions, [and] they’re getting used to what you know and what you don’t know … when you do things that violate those expectations, they are surprised.”  You can watch the reports below, and to learn more be sure to visit Yale University’s Canine Cognition Center.  If you live in the New Haven, Connecticut area and would like to include your dog in the Yale study, the CCC is waiting for you HERE.

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