Watch Amy Poehler And Adam Scott’s Awesome Remake Of Opening To 80s TV Classic “Hart To Hart”

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Kudos to The Playlist for pointing out Adam Scott‘s ongoing series Greatest Event In Television History which they wisely note “might be the most fun [personal project] kicking around.”  For the project, Scott teams up with another big name comedian and together they film a remake of an opening sequence from a classic TV show, along with a faux “behind the scenes” pocket-mockumentary hosted by Jeff Probst.  In the first instalment, Scott joins forces with an egocentric Jon Hamm to remake the opening to Simon & Simon.  For the second one, which just came online yesterday, Scott pairs with his Parks & Recreation co-star Amy Poehler to give the opening of the classic Hart To Hart (1979-1984) a fresh reworking.  “From being shunned by Jon Hamm last time around, Scott this time is self-obsessed, working with a reluctant Poehler who doesn’t like him or respect him as an actor,” Kevin Jagernauth of The Playlist writes.  “It’s a nice reversal of their easy rapport on ‘Parks & Rec,’ and these two are just fun to watch regardless.”  To enter the mother ship of Adam Scott’s Greatest Event In Television History be sure to visit

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