Steve Herman’s Glass Pavilion Home In Santa Barbara Just Made Me Poo My Pants

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I just about shat my pants when I saw the first few pics of this house as I was flipping through Home DSGN today.  As I mentioned a little while back, this blog is helping me figure out exactly what I’m looking for in my dream home, and this design by L.A.-based architect Steve Hermann is going to fit quite nicely into the scheme.  Known as The Glass Pavilion, the house is located in Santa Barbara, the uber exclusive enclave of some of the most famous and wealthy people in the universe. It sits nicely on a 3.5 acre lot and it measures a swanky 13,875 square feet.  Inside you’ll find 5 fedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, a kitchen with a wine cellar, and an “art gallery” that houses the architect’s vintage car collection à la Ferris Bueller style. Steve built the place for himself, but last year he had a change of heart and put The Glass Pavilion up for sale for a respectable $35,000,000 (not including the cars or the furniture). He told Santa Barbara Magazine that he “wanted to create the most minimalist house ever designed.” Looks like he’s taking that same concept and “minimalizing” the price: he just took off $11M and it can now be yours for a mere $24,000,000.  Tell ya what Steve: throw in an ocean view and you’ve got yourself a deal (just kidding, I’ll take it!) You can see more amazing pics over at Home DSGN.

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Source: Home DSGN

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