Author: Brent Lambert

Writer, editor, and founder of FEELguide. I have written over 5,000 articles covering many topics including: travel, design, movies, music, politics, psychology, neuroscience, business, religion and spirituality, philosophy, pop culture, the universe, and so much more. I also work as an illustrator and set designer in the movie industry, and you can see all of my drawings at

This is the first photo I used for FEELguide. It was taken in August 2010 while on the vacation of a lifetime with me and 7 friends in Provincetown. We were on Herring Cove Beach and it was a perfect day. I thought I’d take a close-up shot of the grains of sand in my hand. For my background I felt compelled to use the dome of the Pantheon. When I was in my fourth year of Architecture studies I did a semester in Rome in the fall of 1998. Every morning at 8:30am, and then again at 5:00pm, our…

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