The Simplest DIY Jobs to Boost Your Home

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You don’t need to carry out a complete redesign of your home to move it onto the next level. Sometimes, some clever thinking and a set of basic DIY skills are enough to boost your home and get it looking a lot better without any fuss.

Fix Any Leaks

Any leaks around your home can be hugely annoying, giving it the appearance of being a place that hasn’t been well looked after. People tend to let leaks annoy them for years, but fixing them isn’t really as difficult as you might think. You probably don’t need to pay a plumber to come in and do this for you.

When a faucet drips all day long, it’s often due to a very simple reason, like a washer that’s not worn out or an O ring that’s come loose. In some cases, a piece being cracked or corroded can cause this problem, so it’s a good idea to start by looking at the different types of faucets and the reasons they leak. After that, you just need to follow the specific steps and sort it out.

Paint the Walls and Old Pieces of Furniture

Painting is another task that a lot of people think is more difficult than it really is. The truth is that painting isn’t particularly difficult once you get the basics right. This means choosing the right type of paint for the surface you want to cover. Matte, eggshell, satin, and high-gloss are some of the different kinds of paint you need to choose from, depending upon the surface and the type of finish you’re looking for.

You then need to choose the right type of brush or roller. Clean and sand the wall or surface you want to paint and make sure you clear enough space around it to avoid splashing anything else. After that, you’re ready to start painting, but since one of the problems people run into is calculating the exact amount of paint needed, you can either measure and work it out exactly or start with a small job where it’s easier to get this right.

Add New Tiles

Putting tiles on the kitchen or bathroom wall is another one of these jobs that sounds more difficult than it really is. One of the key tips here is to start in the center of the wall, especially if you’re using a reasonably complex design that you want to get just right in terms of symmetry. There are some tools and materials you’ll need, such as adhesive, a trowel, and grout.

If we take the example of putting up a tile backsplash in the kitchen, you can make life simpler for yourself by using a powerful all-purpose adhesive. This same type of product can be used to attach a towel or to add wall trim, so it makes sense to write a list of the jobs you might want to carry out with this material once you have it.

Hang Pictures and Mirrors

Putting pictures and mirrors on the walls is one of the very best ways of instantly transforming any room. The first key step is in choosing the right location and then making sure that you’re hanging it straight, so measuring carefully and using a spirit level will let you do this.

The rest of the tools you need really depend upon the weight of the object you’re hanging and the material that the wall is made of. If the mirror or picture is heavy, the best idea is usually to drill into the wall and find a stud to hang it on. As with the rest of these jobs, using the right tools and materials is crucial.

Carrying on any of these jobs will improve your home and also make you feel good about learning useful new DIY skills.

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