Going on the Road? Here’s How to Keep Comfortable

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Road tripping is fun for the whole family, but longer trips can get tiring, frustrating a little boring and even downright uncomfortable. Making sure that you have everything you need prepped, ready and easily accessible to you in the car is the best way you can avoid the pitfalls of travel and make the most out of your trip. If you’re heading out on the road, here are some ways to ensure you and everyone else stay comfortable the whole way there. 

Power Up

Being on the road for long hours (as a passenger) will usually entail a lot of battery draining. Whether you’re playing DJ and streaming music, scrolling through Facebook or filming scenic shots for your Insta stories, the chances are your devices will need a charge sooner or later.

Packing full portable chargers is key here. If you’re going to be travelling or road-tripping long-term or even travelling in an RV, then a portable generator might be a great investment for you. 

Pack the Essentials

Make sure that you have all the road-tripping essentials with you when you leave. This list should include all the items you might need but wouldn’t have immediate access to in the middle of nowhere.

Think of all your identification documents and driver’s permits, medication, lip balm, sunglasses, cold water, some cash, something to snack on, a blanket if it’s cold, and any other emergency items you might want or need. On top of this, you’ll need some ways to keep yourself well-fed and entertained – more on that next.

Remember Snacks

Road trips are always more fun and more manageable with food. Nobody wants to end up hangry in the middle of nowhere and with no food in sight. Try to pack a few indulgent treats for enjoyment, as well as some more healthy and nutritious snacks that will keep you satisfied for a few hours. 

This is also essential if you’re travelling with kids on board. Try to opt for snacks that won’t make too much of a mess in the car, if possible. 

Create a Playlist

Everyone knows that a road trip is nothing without the power of music. Create a playlist full of your favourite tracks, or use inspiration from popular road trip songs to design the ultimate track list. Try to include some music that everyone in the car will enjoy – rather than subjecting everyone to hours of whatever obscure genre you’re into this week. 

Plan Your Pitstops

Finally, in order to avoid discomfort in the form of hunger, boredom and needing the bathroom, plan your route and schedule regular pitstops along the way.

Stopping over at gas stations or malls will give people a chance to stretch their legs, find a toilet and restock their snack hoard every couple of hours. Breaking up your drive will also be safer since you’ll be able to refresh your mind after long hours, or even switch drivers to give everyone a chance to rest. \

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