4 Design Tips for a Modern Bedroom

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Would you love to have a modern bedroom that follows all of the latest trends? This can be a task that is more difficult than it sounds. In fact, a lot of homeowners do not know where to begin. From enlarging your headboard to choosing a beautiful wallpaper, there are a lot of things you can do to achieve your goal and really make a statement in your bedroom. Let’s take a look at some design tips that can help you get there.

Go For a Big Headboard

Something that you will notice in modern bedrooms is large headboards. This becomes a piece of décor in itself and you can have fun with the headboard that you choose. Currently, the trend is the bigger, the better when it comes to the headboard. You can choose from a patterned and bold headboard to something more neutral and subtle. This is going to be your decision. In addition, there will be different shapes you can select from, as well as fabrics. Take your time and choose one that you love.

Enjoy Bright Colors

There was once a time when bedrooms were full of neutral colors. Indeed, there are some people that like this. But, if you are wanting to move in a modern direction, it is time to embrace bright colors. In other words, you want to be bold and have some fun. So, select a color that you love and that you would like to see in your bedroom. 

You can then match this with different pieces in the room, such as cushions, the duvet cover and even furniture if it is available in your chosen color. You can check out cheap bedroom sets that you can buy in your favorite colors at Pricebusters, which will mean you get the bed and another piece of furniture – if not more – to extend the style!

Choose Wallpaper for a Feature Wall

Feature walls in the home are definitely a modern trend. Indeed, this is something that you can incorporate into your bedroom. A lot of people are going for wallpaper so that they can add a pattern and texture to their space. There is a lot of exciting wallpaper out there now and something that everyone can enjoy. So, do not be afraid to choose a pattern that you love and that allows you to feel relaxed and at home.

Get Creative with Art

Art pieces are a huge part of a modern bedroom. So, it is time to get out searching for art that represents who you are and your personality. This is something that you can hang up in your bedroom and be proud of. You can also try to choose art that blends in well with the colors you have chosen if you like things to match. While some people like to have photos of their loved ones in their bedroom, it is good to choose something contemporary too if you want to stay on-trend. In particular, modern art is often large, and this can work well on an empty wall you have in your bedroom.

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