How To Find The Top Drug Use Treatment Facility

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Substance abuse has increased exponentially over the years. The competition, stress, and difficulties we face in life have also increased resulting in greater substance abuse as an escape mechanism. The substance use age group varies from teens to old age. Whatever the reason and however old one might be, it leads to a deterioration in the life of an individual. The user cannot meet the responsibilities of the family, work, or relationships in general. It also leads to many health problems.

You need to be mentally prepared and willing to get rid of the addiction. Along with that, the choice of the right treatment facility is extremely essential in getting over the addiction. We have compiled a list of factors that you need to consider while selecting a proper and suitable treatment facility.

Have an Assessment Done by a Substance Use Disorder Professional 

Before you decide on the best course of treatment, you need to have an analysis done by a professional who is trained in the field. Many times, an inpatient program is not needed. Attending a few scheduled meetings might do the job. Inpatient treatment is generally reserved for patients who are not stabilized in their recovery, or whose daily activities are being adversely affected by their substance use. Some patients also face major withdrawal symptoms and they need inpatient treatment to get over that. Usually, a 30-day program is recommended with the option of extending it if needed.

Ensure that the Treatment Center has the Facilities you Need

Every substance user does not have the same symptoms nor do they need the same treatment. Many times, substance use disorder is accompanied by symptoms like depression and anxiety. Before you enroll in any program, ensure that the center has all the facilities suited to your specific needs.

A good treatment center must have a proper license and the clinical staff must have appropriate accreditation. Certified staff and a proper license ensure that the center meets the prescribed standards and regulations.

Clinical Team Must be Multidisciplinary

A good clinic has a multidisciplinary staff to take care of the various needs of the patient. A substance use disorder patient needs treatment on the clinical, physiological, mental and emotional fronts. The team members must have licenses to practice in their respective fields. The fields in which professionals are needed include a medical doctor, chemical dependency counselor, nurse, psychologist, psychiatrist, wellness specialist, nutritionist, and spiritual care counselor. This team of professionals must be adept at planning individual rehab programs for every patient. If a center has only one professional looking after every need, he is obviously not going to be trained in every aspect of the job.

Find Out if the Center Uses Medication

In case you need treatment for opioid addiction and want to opt for prescribed medication, ensure that the treatment center you choose has such medication facilities. There are different methods of treatment for opioid addiction and there are many detox centers that have their own methods of treating the patients. Some centers prefer to go in for the abstinence method whereas others prefer to prescribe medication. Naltrexone and methadone are medicines that have been helpful in the treatment of heroin addicts. Some of the centers also offer detoxification services to help get rid of the addiction. This helps by clearing or detoxifying the bloodstream of the drugs.

Opt for Longevity in Centers

While looking for a training center, see that it has been open for a minimum period of 5 years. The centers that have been open for a number of years are more likely to be genuine. At times, many centers open just to take advantage of the demand and do not even have staff qualified enough to cater to the patient’s needs. They just open up for a few years, make their profits, and pack up their bags. The people who open such shady centers often fail either because of unethical and illegal practices, or a lack of proper, experienced, and qualified staff.

Mental Health Services

Alcohol and drug addiction are often accompanied by various mental disorders like depression or anxiety. The right treatment can only be given if a precise dual diagnosis is done. In cases of patients with dual diagnosis, the correct treatment includes addiction care as well as addressing the accompanying mental health disorder.  Simply treating the addiction without taking into consideration the mental condition is not an effective way of treating the patient. For centers that do not provide services for mental conditions, you must find out whether they coordinate with other centers that provide these services, and if so, the methods by which they go about doing so.

Luxury Does Not Mean Quality

There are different varieties of rehabilitation centers with different price tags. Usually, there are three categories based on the fees they charge per month. There are some centers that cater to the elite, some of them cater to the middle market, and others that are more traditional are meant for the general public. The high-end centers provide luxury services like private rooms, pools, and a lot of other seven-star facilities more like a luxurious holiday resort. Unfortunately, luxury is not always accompanied by quality. Many of the high-end, luxurious centers are known to lack the basic services required in a rehabilitation center. They have poor supervision, understaffing, and lack of proper counseling. Luxurious surroundings and benefits are just add-ons. What is basically required is trained staff and proper treatment facilities which are lacking.

Guaranteed Success is a Hoax

Some centers offer a hundred percent guarantee of success. In drug disorder cases, a lot depends on the patients themselves. No center can guarantee success in a drug use disorder. If they do so, they are just fooling the public and trying to get them in without giving them the true facts. In most cases, success also depends on the persistent efforts of the patients even after they are no longer an inpatient. Attending the recurring meetings after leaving the center contributes a lot towards the final success. Look for centers that give you the true facts rather than just a guarantee of success.

A drug abuse disorder not only affects the addicted person but also their family and those near and dear to them. It has an adverse effect on the person’s career, social life, family relations, and mental and physical health. First and foremost, a user’s willingness to overcome the addiction is a crucial element. Along with that, the backing of a good rehabilitation center with a professional staff will ensure that you get past whatever addiction you are suffering from. A good rehabilitation center will alter your perspective on life and put you on the path to recovery.

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