Patreon vs OnlyFans: Which One Is Better?

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Patreon and OnlyFans are very different platforms, with different rules and guidelines. They do have one common feature between them, though. That is the ability for subscribers to sign up and pay for a performer’s videos or photographs. If you would like to start making money online as an influencer or model, then Patreon and OnlyFans are great platforms to start with. You should also make an account on other platforms, like Instagram and YouTube.

This article will address the differences between Patreon and OnlyFans, explaining which platform is better for making money:

User Searches

One of the main differences between Patreon and OnlyFans is that with OnlyFans, it is easier to find specific content that you are looking for. This is because the platform has its own search function, and there are also very effective third-party search platforms that allow you to sift through OnlyFans’ massive userbase. Whether it’s big booty girls for you to talk to that you are looking for, or content that’s cosplay-focused, you can find it with a single search. Searching for content on Patreon is quite difficult on the other hand. If you are looking for content, you usually have to know specific user handles first.

Adult Content

Another main difference between Patreon and OnlyFans is that OnlyFans is more famous and well-known among adult content creators. Patreon isn’t adult-friendly. It is a platform that is used by content creators of all kinds. YouTube creators, influencers, and musicians all have their own Patreon accounts. When people are looking for sex, adult content, they are considerably more likely to visit OnlyFans than Patreon. In addition, Patreon has restrictions on the type of content that users are allowed to upload there. While OnlyFans does have some restrictions, they are minor in comparison to Patreon’s rigid ones.


Patreon’s commission is a lot of sense than OnlyFans’ commission. The reason for this is that OnlyFans’ users tend to make a lot more money than Patreon’s users do. Some OnlyFans users make millions of dollars a month. Very few Patreon users make anything like this. OnlyFans takes a 20% commission from its users, whereas Patreon takes between 5-12%. If you are a content creator that doesn’t make adult content, then it is probably better for you to use Patreon if you are just starting out. You won’t be able to survive with OnlyFans’ high commission. It is always important that you research commission before signing up to a platform so that you know how much you are going to be charged.


Another difference between the two platforms is that OnlyFans has very flexible user payment options, whereas Patreon’s payment options are a lot more rigid. Users are able to pay you on Patreon exclusively as part of a subscription. On OnlyFans, users can send tips, gifts, and pay you as part of a subscription. This allows users to receive extra money on OnlyFans, which is why many of OnlyFans’ content creators are the highest-paid content creators on the internet. Because OnlyFans allows for direct chat also, creators are able to ask for money directly from their fans.


The two platforms have very different support features. On OnlyFans, users are able to get support through email, phone calls, text, and live chat. On Patreon, the platform only offers its users live chats. The variety of ways that OnlyFans allows its customer to get hold of them makes it a much better platform because when you need support, you need support. You shouldn’t have to wait around for somebody to come and help you. While Patreon’s live chat is very responsive, sometimes you need to talk to somebody, or sometimes your request isn’t that urgent, and it’s easier to send an email.


It’s a lot easier to build a following for yourself on OnlyFans than it is on Patreon. This is in part due to the fact that as already mentioned, it is easier to search for users when you are using OnlyFans than it is Patreon. Additionally, OnlyFans advertises users on its homepage. The only real way that you can attract a substantial following on Patreon is to build yourself a following on social media or on another platform, and then advertise it to them there. On OnlyFans, you don’t technically need any other platforms, although it does help.


Out of the two platforms, OnlyFans is definitely a lot more popular. As a content creator, it’s always best to use the platform that is most popular. With that said, they are popular with two very different types of users. Users of OnlyFans are there nearly exclusively for adult-focused content, whereas Patreon users tend to be there for musical, video, and non-adult content. The reason that OnlyFans is so popular is because of its customizable, interactive, and consistent adult content. Users are able to request their own custom videos from content creators, which isn’t a service offered anywhere else.


The two platforms also have very different reputations. OnlyFans is seen, for many people, as a very effective and lucrative way of making money. Patreon is often seen as a way of making money that complements existing moneymaking methods, such as ad revenue. More simply, OnlyFans is a full-time job, while Patreon is a part-time job. This is mainly because you need to already have a substantial following to make a name for yourself on Patreon, while on OnlyFans you don’t need other platforms and can make a name for yourself there.


Finally, OnlyFans is a lot easier to use and has a much more user-friendly interface. Patreon’s interface is also very easy to use, but it is nowhere near as easy to use as OnlyFans is. This is always something that’s worth bearing in mind. If you don’t select a platform that’s easy for you to use as a content creator or user, then you will spend a large chunk of your time figuring out how to use things, instead of actually using them.

OnlyFans has changed the way that pornographic videos are created and produced. Patreon has revolutionized the ordinary content creation world also, but not to the degree that OnlyFans has in the adult content industry. There aren’t any other platforms like OnlyFans. There are lots like Patreon. If you are looking for a platform to watch or produce adult content on, then your decision isn’t a hard one to make.

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