Everything You Need For a Caravan Break

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Now that the coronavirus pandemic has cooled off with the easing of restrictions around the UK, we have been left with time to reflect on the past two years which have been extremely difficult for each and every person around the UK. 

Upon reflection, however, we have learned many things as a result of COVID-19. We are resilient as a nation, working from home is an extremely viable option and staycations are exceptionally fun.

Staycations have become an enormously popular way for people to spend their holidays with the term staycation UK seeing a 173% increase in searches from June 2020 to June 2021. Now that we can travel overseas again, there’s no doubt that people will travel abroad on their holidays but many will remain in the UK. This could be going camping or on a caravan weekend.

If the latter is in your travel plans, there will be a lot to consider before you set out on your journey to the caravan park. Here is everything you’ll need for a caravan break.

Towing Mirrors

If you own your own caravan and will be driving it to the caravan site yourself, then you’ll need to stay safe on the road. Ensure your vehicle is equipped with towing mirrors, so you have a full view of the road. This will keep the caravan and other drivers safer from an accident occurring.

Water Carrier

If you want fresh water for your trip then you’ll need a water carrier. These are plugged into your caravan’s water inlet and allow for free-flowing water.


Create a list of everything you’ll need for a successful trip. Enough clothes for warmth – and accidents for kids, bedding, chairs and food. Without these, your trip may be cut short.


In the digital age we live in, electronics will be taken on your camping trips. Don’t forget your phone chargers, your GPS as well as other household item you may need such as a kettle and heater for the colder nights.

If you do plan on using all of these devices, however, you’ll need something to power them all. Ensure you pack a generator for guaranteed electricity across your entire caravan getaway and your trip will be even better.

First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen when we least expect them to. Pack a first aid kit so you can tend to injury immediately and reduce the risk of further infection.

Caravan holidays are always a blast when you share them with friends and family. Choose your caravan site today and start planning your next incredible adventure around the UK.

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