9 Simple Tips for Using Baby Equipment

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If you have recently had your first child, then you’re likely a little confused and disorientated by baby equipment. It can be very difficult learning to use it all because there are so many different things that one needs to use for one’s child. While reading the product manufacturer’s guide is always useful when you are trying to learn how to use baby equipment, sometimes reading internet guides like this one is also extremely effective. The sooner you familiarise yourself with your baby’s equipment, the better. This article will present nine simple tips for nine pieces of baby equipment:


Prams will be the most important piece of equipment that you use for your baby on a daily basis when you go outdoors. Prams are essentially just beds on wheels, offering your baby a place to sleep when you are on the move. Using a pram is very straightforward.

The manufacturer’s instructions will tell you exactly what you need to do, so there’s very little advice that can be given. According to the manufacturers of the Little Lou Baby prams, prams are a quintessential part of your baby’s life. For this reason, you need to go out of your way to ensure that the pram you select is right for you. You can do this by reading reviews, asking other parents for advice, and watching online tutorials.

Changing Table

A changing table is an essential piece of equipment. It is one that you won’t be able to live without. You cannot substitute a household table for a changing table, because if it becomes soiled then it might not be usable again. If it is wooden, then the wood might be porous and this could leave the table with a horrible smell for many years to come.

Changing tables are very affordable and most often made out of plastic, so that they are easy to use. Changing tables should be cleaned extensively after every use, even if nothing got on them. This is to keep it hygienic for your child.


A cot is another essential piece of equipment, like the pram and changing table. Your baby absolutely cannot live without one. You cannot put your baby in the bed with you nor should they be sleeping in an adult’s bed. The reason for this is that if they share the bed with you and you roll over, you could hurt them. Similarly, if they have a big bed to themselves, they could roll out.

Cots have bars around the side to ensure that your child does not fall or climb out, injuring themselves. Cots should always be placed away from any objects that can be used to climb. Babies can be ingenious escape artists.

Baby Backpack

A baby backpack is an alternative to a pram. Baby backpacks can only be used when your baby can hold their head up themselves. If they can’t then you shouldn’t put them in one of these, because it could seriously injure them. Baby backpacks can be worn at the front or the back. If you are going hiking or spending a lot of time outdoors in nature, then these backpacks are a great idea. The reason for this is that you will be able to take them along with you.

If you have a love of the outdoors, then they too will develop one accompanying you on your outdoor adventures.

Travel Seat

A travel seat is a must-have if you ever go out in the car. You absolutely, under no circumstances, should put your baby in a car without one of these, unless you are going to be holding them the entire journey. Even then, holding a baby in the car doesn’t provide adequate protection, because if the driver were to crash, then you might not be able to hold onto them strongly enough to prevent them from falling out of your hands.

Travel seats are very affordable and can be purchased from all stores that sell baby equipment, as well as online and in second-hand shops.

Sound Machine

A sound machine is another great purchase to make for your child’s comfort. These machines can be turned on at night, in order to drown out any outside noise and help your child to drift off to sleep gently. Sound machines are extremely affordable. Once your child no longer needs it, you can use it yourself. Sound machines are a great purchase if you live in an area that is very busy or has a lot of traffic outdoors.


Nightlights are another great purchase, especially for young children. Some children can become very distressed when they wake up during the night and it is dark. When you move your child from your bedroom to their own, then a nightlight is absolutely essential. Nightlights are, like sound machines, very affordable. They are also very easy to operate. You plug them straight into the wall.

A good way to improve your child’s nightlight a little is to apply some colored paper or tape to the light so that it gives off a colored glow. Some children prefer this to typical, white nightlights.

Feeding Pillow

Feeding pillows are very important if your child cannot yet hold their head up. Feeding pillows are specific types of pillows, so don’t think that you can substitute them for one from your bed! They are usually designed with special grooves for the baby’s head so that they can lie comfortably while you are feeding them. It’s worth investing in one of these even if you aren’t breastfeeding so that when you feed them from the bottle they have a sense of routine and normality.

Bottle-drying Rack

Finally, make sure that you invest in a bottle-drying rack. If you don’t dry your child’s bottles properly, then germs or bacteria could get inside. While they aren’t particularly harmful to adults, they can be to babies. Make sure that you always properly dry your child’s bottles to avoid them getting sick.

If you have a baby, then you need to go out of your way to get them all of the equipment that they need, and you need to learn how to use them. Familiarising yourself with your baby’s equipment will make it easier for them to use it and feel more comfortable doing so.

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