What Are the Benefits of Medical Alert Systems?

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Seniors living independently should take extra health and safety precautions. Seniors who live by themselves and family members who prioritize their safety should consider using medical alert systems at all costs. They are a perfect alternative to admitting your old parents to assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Below are some of the many benefits of Canadian medical alert systems to the elderly and the general population.

1.  Immediate Help After Falling

Medical alert systems are primarily designed to help the elderly. If your elderly parents don’t have a chronic medical condition, the chances of falling cannot be eliminated. Slipping and falling is a serious risk for the elderly. The National Council on Aging estimates that falls account for more than 2.8 million injuries treated in emergency centers annually. More than 800,000 falls led to hospitalization, while 27,000 became fatal.

While the risks of falls cannot be eliminated, providing immediate help to seniors if they fall can reduce these statistics. Seniors who live alone or are often left at home alone can fall, making it impossible for them to get hold of a nearby phone. Medical alert systems come in handy in such situations, as they only have to push a button for immediate help.

2.  Advanced Technology

Modern medical alert systems allow seniors to access features that weren’t available in the past. For instance, modern systems have location trackers, carbon monoxide detectors, check-ins, and other features that enhance functionality.

Medical alert systems with GPS trackers are beneficial for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Check-in capability is a beneficial feature that ensures that seniors are not left alone. Through this, you can monitor if the person didn’t call in or request help in time for various reasons, such as loss of consciousness.

Medical alert systems with reminders are also beneficial. They have alerts that remind seniors to take their prescribed medications on time. Most of these systems raise alerts to medical responders and emergency contacts in case of missed medication or overdosing.

3.  Other Benefits

Apart from the two main benefits mentioned above, medical alert systems are additionally beneficial in the following ways:

  •  Very affordable – Regardless of the medical benefits of these devices, some people would still be concerned about their affordability. Fortunately, medical alert systems are very affordable. Most of them work on monthly billing cycles, with rates less than one dollar per day.

  • Easy to use – Unlike other methods of raising alerts, seniors don’t have to learn to use these devices. All they should do is press a button to call for emergency help.

  • Reliable – Most people are skeptical of various technologies. However, you don’t have to worry about medical alert systems running low on charge or breaking down. These systems have been improved over time, and they also have backup power and extended warranties to keep seniors safe.


While medical alert systems vary, they provide unmatched benefits to seniors and others who prefer living independently and securely. Most systems are available as pendants, bracelets, or easily accessible wearables. Seniors and family members enjoy great peace of mind knowing that medical help is a button away.

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