Covid19 Preparation Tips: 10 Things To Keep At Home

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The covid19 pandemic has changed so much of our everyday lives; the many positive and negative impacts of the pandemic are blatant for just about everyone. But even though we have been living with the virus for two years and vaccines have been released, the pandemic is still ongoing. With this, it’s still essential to be prepared for potential infections within your household. Despite many regions emerging from lockdowns and deciding to live with the virus, we still need to practice social distancing, wear face masks, maintain hand hygiene, and isolate infections as soon as possible. These actions are also ways that we can help doctors fight the pandemic

What’s more, even if you have already survived covid19, you might still become ill again as there are several variants of the virus as it continues to mutate. So, whether you have survived a covid19 infection or not, you should have these items at home for both prevention and preparation. 

Saliva Collection Kits

Saliva collection kits are extremely useful to have at home during the pandemic. These test kits can be ordered online in a few clicks, delivered to your home, where you will collect and store a sample using the components and instructions of the kit. Then, you will ship the saliva sample back for analysis and receive your results shortly. 

This is a lot more straightforward than heading to the doctor or a testing station every time you experience a covid19 symptom. What’s more, testing at home with these covid test kits will help prevent further viral spread as you won’t need to leave your home. This way, if you have contracted covid19, you can isolate immediately. 

Immune Boosting Supplements

Early in the pandemic, medical practitioners noted that those with robust immune systems were more likely to overcome the viral infection. In contrast, those with compromised immune systems are at a higher risk. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to strengthen your immune system, from immune-boosting supplements and a healthy diet to staying hydrated and getting enough sunlight. These straightforward measures will boost your immune system and your quality of life. 

Nevertheless, immune-boosting supplements are effective and pretty affordable. 

Face Masks

At this point, most of us have gone through countless disposable and reusable face masks. But with this, it’s essential to consider the environment; disposable masks might be more comfortable and convenient, although they litter the planet. 

Consider biodegradable disposable masks, if you can find them, or opt for cotton material masks that can be washed and re-worn. It’s essential to avoid nylon and stiff fabrics as they will harm skin health and potentially cause acne. 


Sanitizer is another essential everyone needs to have at home. However, suppose you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by the high alcohol content of most sanitizers. In that case, you should consider a sanitizer product that includes a soothing skin ingredient, such as aloe vera and others. 

Alternatively, you can add such an ingredient in yourself as you can purchase skin remedy serums and oils just about everywhere these days. 


Every household must have at least one thermometer along with a standard first aid kit. These handy devices can quickly check your temperature. So, you’ll know when you have a fever. 

There are tons of different thermometers on the market, but the most effective ones are the regular kind. You really don’t have to spend a small fortune on an expensive one just to keep an eye on your temperature at home. 

Hand Soap

Hand hygiene is critical now more than ever before; we touch so many things every day without even realizing it; it’s easy to see how lousy hand hygiene can fuel the spread of the virus. Beyond that, hand hygiene is also the recommended practice to prevent spreading covid19 and several other infectious diseases.

However, because increased handwashing can enhance the chances of developing skin conditions such as hand dermatitis, it’s essential to make sure you are using hand soap that’s gentle on the skin yet capable of disinfecting. Moreover, it is best to also use a moisturizing hand cream following washing to uphold skin health. 

Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are pretty handy to have around the house, especially during the pandemic. These are also exceptionally affordable more often than not. 

However, because not all disposable wipe products are made with the environment in mind, you should look for green brands that don’t harm the planet. Alternatively, you can also make your sanitizing solution at home. There are quite a few recipes available for this, and you can easily find them online.

An Inhaler

Asthma inhalers are undergoing trials as a covid19 treatment. Researchers believe that the formulation and effects of asthma inhalers can treat some of the symptoms of the pandemic-causing virus. More specifically, a steroid found in inhalers has the potential not just to treat covid19 but also to help prevent severe symptoms from developing. 

So, even if you don’t have asthma, it will be worthwhile to get an inhaler to keep at home. They aren’t at all expensive either, so there’s no reason not to get one. Because covid19 symptoms can include difficulty breathing, an asthma inhaler can be a life-saving treatment. 

And even if symptoms are not severe, an inhaler can help you manage the illness with a lot less discomfort. 

With the pandemic still ongoing, everyone needs to have preventative and preparation methods in place to protect their overall health and the health of their families. Whether you have experienced an infection before or not, it’s key to remember that new variants are often more concerning. Moreover, prevention and preparation methods remain essential even if you have been fully vaccinated. 

It’s essential to view the vaccine itself as a preventive method, as there is not yet one definitive solution to abolishing the virus. Nevertheless, with medicine advancing as fast as it has been, more solutions may emerge as recommendations from the medical sector. 



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