A home is a lifetime achievement for most of us that we like to personalize to our fancy. It takes years of careful financial planning, to look for the right location, choose the perfect neighborhood, and much more. It is no surprise that a new homeowner would like to ensure that their property is safe and insured which is why the home insurance industry is one of the largest ones. However, there are many other things in a home that can benefit from insurance like the various costly appliances. The biggest mistake made by new homeowners is that they assume everything to be perfect. They believe that the new appliances in their home won’t get damaged anytime soon and there’s no need to worry about this aspect. However, nothing can be further from the truth as the new appliances have an equally high chance of failure due to manufacturing defects and poor quality control. To protect oneself from these troubles, a home warranty becomes a necessity rather than an option.

There are multiple other reasons why you might need a home warranty and faulty appliances are just one of them. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most pressing reasons why every homeowner should choose a home warranty despite the age of their home. You will understand why home warranties are important for old as well as new homes and you’ll be able to decide if you need one. So without further delay, let’s get to it and find out all the important reasons why you should get a home warranty as soon as possible.

1. Quality Issues

Quality issues are more common among everyday appliances and furnishings than you might think. There are thousands of products manufactured in huge factories every hour. You can’t expect everything to go as smoothly as planned and 100% efficiency isn’t really achievable. This is the reason why so many companies do intensive quality testing on their products before they ship them out to wholesalers and retailers. However, slip-ups can always happen and they really do happen. 

A product that’s not up to the mark can sometimes make its way into your home without your knowledge. In order to safeguard yourself against these problems, you should get a home warranty as there is no guarantee that you won’t end up with a substandard product.

2. Hidden Problems

All the houses are inspected thoroughly before they are handed over to their respective owners. This is done to reduce any chances of discovering issues later on when the buyer has moved into the property. However, nothing is perfect and no one can complete any task with 100% accuracy. The same applies to home inspections as well and there can be some hidden issues that couldn’t be diagnosed properly.

You might discover some issues in the fixtures and installations after moving in which will make your experience unpleasant;  to prevent this from happening, you can opt for a home warranty. It’s advised that you choose a comprehensive home warranty to cover any potential issues that you might face in the future. This will ensure that you don’t have to shell out huge amounts in the future when you do discover the hidden issues.

3. Rushed Construction

Sometimes the demand for real estate is so high that the builders and contractors rush over every project to meet their deadlines and make higher profits. This is something that you won’t be aware of and there’s possibly no way for you to find out about a rushed construction. It’s also possible that the crew employed by the builder lacks enough experience for the job and they might end up missing out on something crucial. This is quite similar to the previous issue where the inspector misses out on a few key details, however, this is a little more serious because there can be an issue in the most basic appliances like the HVAC system which will cost you a lot to repair on your own. A home warranty will provide you with peace of mind even if there are no issues detected as you’ll know that you have a safety net to fall back on.

4. Better Safe Than Sorry

Most builders provide some sort of warranty when they sell you a newly constructed home and for most people, these should be satisfactory enough. However, these warranties are rather limited in their scope and duration which means that the satisfaction won’t last for very long. You can either take the risk of saving some money and discovering bigger issues down the line or you can get a home warranty that’ll comprehensively cover all the issues that you could possibly think of.

The wiser decision would be to spend a little bit more and get a home warranty from a reputed company with a good track record. This will cost you marginally more and since you’re already spending huge sums of money on the new home, you wouldn’t even notice the cost of a home warranty. However, this negligible expenditure can save you from a potentially huge expenditure in the future when you discover bigger issues.

These are some of the most important reasons why any new homeowner should get a home warranty just to tread on the side of caution. Don’t be under the impression that a brand new home wouldn’t have any issues at all because there are thousands of claims made every year by new homeowners who recently shifted into a newly constructed home. Home warranties are extremely popular among all sorts of buyers and the reason behind it is the effectiveness of these offerings. If you spend a little bit on a home warranty, it’ll be a great financial decision in terms of the return on investment you’ll be getting. There are various other reasons why you might want to get a home warranty but the ones discussed here should be compelling enough to make you consider getting a home warranty for your dream home.




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