For many seniors, aging in place is the desired choice instead of having to enter an aged care facility. However, as a child or loved one, you may have some concerns about their safety. The environment needs to be secure while still feeling like home. Luckily there are quite a few solutions to help them live as comfortably as possible. Below we are going to take a look at ten essentials to help your loved one’s age in place. Want to learn more? Then keep on reading.

Adaptive Clothing

Zippers and buttons can become a challenge for the elderly who are experiencing conditions such as arthritis. This is why it’s a good idea to invest in some adaptable clothing to make dressing and undressing much easier. While there are many places online that offer a wide range, you can find some suitable pieces in stores if you keep your eyes open. Just look for things like pull tabs, Velcro, and stretchable waistbands.

Railing and Ramps

One modification that you may need to consider depending on your home are ramps. These are for if your loved ones require a wheelchair or struggle with steps. While you can build one, there are also removable options that can be a good solution. If there are steps in your home that you can’t get rid of, it’s important that you install a railing on either side of them. This way, they can get in and out of their house as seamlessly as possible, reducing the risk of slip and fall injuries.

Medical Alert System

A medical alert system is used to identify when an individual may require emergency assistance. They can be worn and also installed in the home to signal responders in the event of an accident. They really are a great essential for the elderly, especially those that are at particular risk of injuring themselves. Most come at an affordable monthly price, and there are different options available. Are you interested but not sure where to get started? Take a look at these best medical alert systems for more information.

Medication Organizer 

Being forgetful comes with age, and managing medication can be difficult when there are so many pills and prescriptions to remember. A good medication organizer is a must so that your loved one can keep track of what they take. There are simple designs with sections for each day of the week, but you can also choose to purchase a fancier option. Some even have built-in alarms to remind you when it’s time to take your pills.

Adjustable Bed and Recliner

Investing in new furniture might seem like a bit of a hassle, but it is something that is worth it. Adjustable beds and recliners make getting up and down much easier and also assist in preventing accidents. Alongside this, sleeping at a raised angle can assist with other conditions. Some of which include sleep apnoea, chronic snoring, insomnia, and back/neck pain. There are even dual-adjustment options out there for couples who have individual sleeping preferences.

Shower Aids

The shower and bathroom can be one of the most hazardous places for the elderly, which is why it’s crucial to install as many aids as possible. The more you have, the less likely they will experience an accident when grooming themselves.

A few that you may want to take into consideration include:

– Grab bars
– Hand-held and adjustable showerheads
– Walk-in tub
– Toilet safety rail
– Raised toilet seat
– Shower seats and benches

Automatic Lighting

Another great and easy essential to install in your loved one’s home is automatic lighting. Not only is this important near the front and back door, but having them around the house can help light the way for any midnight bathroom breaks. While there are many different options for this, the small lights that stick on various surfaces are always a good choice. Just make sure to change the batteries frequently so they remain charged.

Kitchen Tools

One of the benefits of aging in place is that you can continue to cook your own meals. However, this can also become another challenge as signs of aging begin to show. To assist with this and ensure that your family are safe while they cook, there are several kitchen tools and aids that you can use. Some of which include:

– Automatic jar and can opener
– Vegetable chopper
– Mixing bowls with grips
– Knob turners
– Cut-resistant gloves
– Induction cooktops

Big Button Remotes

Reading the tiny buttons on remotes can be hard for the elderly, and those with limited movement in their hands can struggle to press what they need. So one simple and vital essential are big remotes. These usually contain only the important buttons, such as channels, volume, mute, and on and off. They are simple to use, easy to pick up, and some even come with wrist straps, so they don’t accidentally fall when in use.

Door and Faucet Levers

Finally, another simple task that can become difficult is using particular door handles and faucets. Take a walk around your loved one’s home, and look at what they are currently using. If they seem hard to grab, it may be worth installing lever options instead that can be grasped easily.

If you want to go one step further, you might also look at upgrading to touchless faucets too. While they are more expensive, they are one of the better choices in the long run.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many different products and items that can make life easier for those that wish to age in place. Remember, while there are risks, staying at home might be the best choice for you and your loved one. It’s essential to assess your individual situation and make a decision that you believe is right for both of you. If you’re still unsure, speak to the doctor about their professional opinion. 

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