Make Your Parenting Easier: Tech Stuff for Those Who Are Expecting a Baby

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Parenting usually comes with a price, especially when you are expecting a new baby. For most families, the experience remains the same. In a rapidly changing world where virtually everyone is competing for scarce resources, parents still have incredible demand on their time. They have to go to work and juggle daily activities to provide for the family, among other needs. So, at this stage, any technology that can make parenting easy is a welcome development. 

Although there are different conversations on whether parents should adopt technology in their homes to aid their parenting processes, it’s a testament to how much we have evolved over the years. For instance, some people believe one of the major factors contributing to the breakdown of family norms and values is because parents are replacing human roles towards their children with technology-based innovation. 

Well, that may seem inappropriate to some extent, especially if technology is used in the wrong way for parenting. But in this piece, we will be looking at some genius ways that technology can help you reduce parenting-related stress and how you can effectively prepare for the task ahead as an expecting parent. 

Here is some tech stuff that can make parenting easy for expectant parents. 

Phone Calendar

Thanks to technology, every mobile phone now comes with a digital calendar. With this, you don’t have to rely on the calendar hanging on your living room walls before planning your day-to-day activities. Even better, our phone calendars can do much more than tell us which day of the week it is. With your mobile phone, you can set up your activities such as visiting the clinic for medical checkups, exercising, and even managing the time you spend with your kids. You can set a reminder timer on the calendar app to keep you in the loop of the task you need to achieve. 

Wireless breast pump  

The primary purpose of a breast pump is to help nursing mothers pump breast milk into a container for preservation. This is very useful if the nursing mother will be away for some time or if a partner will be in charge of feeding the baby. This technology has been around for some time, with most including the manual, battery, or wires to plug into a power source. 

However, modern technology improvements mean that parents don’t have to rely on this traditional model anymore. Instead, you can go for the wireless breast pump, which is more flexible and easy to operate. Unlike the traditional battery or manual breast pump, the wireless Breast Pump by Willow is highly portable. Also, it allows you to multitask while on the go. So, a wireless breast pump is the best deal for busy mums because you can have sufficient milk bottles refrigerated and available to feed your baby even without your presence. 

In addition, a wireless breast pump is also ideal for stay-at-home mums, especially those with older kids. With this device, mums don’t have to be static while breast pumping. The device is designed to make nursing mothers mobile so that they can continue breast pumping while still carrying their home chores or taking their older kids to school. 

Baby Cry Analyzer

Since babies don’t have enough ability to communicate, then the best way they can easily express themselves is through crying. So, as expecting parents, planning the baby’s arrival is highly advisable. Also, you must know that there is no escaping those nights when your baby will begin to cry, and knowing the cause of the cry is essential. Getting a baby cry analyzer to gauge the cry intensity will help you determine the cause of your baby’s discomfort. 

Though this device is not perfect, it will serve as a guide and help you know what to do when those long nights come around, and you just can’t wait to get back to your comfy bed. 

Robotic room cleaner

The moment you welcome your baby into the family, then you must begin to up your game when it comes to cleaning the house. Do you know why? Well, babies don’t care how long you spend cleaning the house every day and don’t expect them to give you a helping hand either. So, get ready to adjust your hygiene standard into top gear. In this case, all you need is a robotic room cleaner that will assist you in taking care of the room while you focus on the baby’s hygiene.

Furthermore, with this robotic technology, you can be confident that your room will remain clean all the time because the vacuum robot is programmed to clean one room thoroughly before moving to the next. 

Baby monitor

Installing a baby monitor in your baby’s room will save you a lot of stress of moving in and out of your baby’s room. Imagine a situation where you have to take twenty steps every 30 minutes just to know what your baby is up to in the room? Stressful right? Well, it is actually energy draining. However, you can cut down on your traveling time to your baby’s room by installing a baby monitor. With this technological innovation, you can be in your home office, kitchen, garden and still be in touch with your toddler without breaking a sweat. 

Furthermore, this device will help you know when you have to attend to your baby quickly. For instance, with a baby monitor installed in your baby’s room, you can easily know:

  • When your baby is trying to sneak out of the room
  • When your baby needs a change of diaper or feels uncomfortable 
  • If your baby is playing around unsafe places in the room
  • When your baby is awake after a long sleep
  • When you are too far to know when your baby is crying 

A baby monitor is also helpful for the overall security of the child.

Parenting doesn’t have to be challenging, especially with tons of innovative technology at our disposal. Check out this tech stuff that is perfect for those expecting a baby.

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