Top 5 Sex Toys On The Market

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Sex toys are an ideal way to enhance your sexual experiences whether alone or with a partner. For men, sex toys can be a taboo subject, but trust us when we say you’ll never look back from the mega pleasure you’re about to encounter. Here are our recommendations for the top 5 sex toys your bedside drawer needs.

Prostate Massager

A prostate massager is up there with one of the most pleasurable sex toys for men out there. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland found a few inches inside every man’s anus that’s jam-packed with nerve endings – almost as many as the clitoris – so deserves some TLC. All these nerve endings mean you can get earth-shattering full-body orgasms just from stimulating this small gland! Don’t be put off by the location, a little bum fun is extremely pleasurable for men no matter their sexual orientation. The prostate massager fits snugly in your anus and vibrates delicately stimulating the prostate. Some men can orgasm from this stimulation alone, but you can also use it whilst engaging in sex or foreplay to heighten your arousal! What are you waiting for? 


The fleshlight, also known as a pocket pussy, is perfect for on-the-go satisfaction. They are a premium male sex toy that is carefully designed to simulate real penetrative sex. There are so many designs so that you can get the perfect feel, and they closely emulate different kinds of vaginas and anuses so that you can pick your ideal look. Many also have a skin-like feel for the extremely lifelike sensation of sex with a real human. Not only do these provide deep pleasure, but they are also great for training yourself to last longer enabling you to become a better lover. Win-win!

Vibrating Cock Ring

Cock rings are, or should be, a staple in every man’s bedside drawer. They’re small but pack a punch, and there are many different styles, colours and sizes available. Vibrating cock rings are a style you should consider trying. Not only do they feel sensational for you and provide you with harder and longer-lasting erections, but they also provide direct stimulation to the clitoris during penetrative sex with your partner to push you both to orgasm. The vibrations on the penis will give you both deep satisfaction and you’ll be reaching for your vibrating cock ring every time. 

Remote Control Vibrators

Remote control vibrators are the perfect couple’s toy for teasing, tantalising and creating anticipation. If you’re someone who loves to be in control of their partner’s pleasure or likes the idea of public play, then a remote control vibrator is the sex toy you need. Simply have your lover slip a vibrator into her panties or her vagina and you sit back and control the intensity as you watch her squirm with pleasure. The discreet vibrations make for a fun and secretive date night whilst out at dinner or a movie. 


Strokers or male masturbators are a fantastic way to enhance sexual pleasure either alone or with a partner for some sensual foreplay. The open-ended strokers are perfect for your partner to use whilst performing oral sex to amplify the sensations or supplement oral strokes. To use alone, try moving the stroker up and down from your shaft right to the tip to experience a whole other sensation similar to oral sex. 

There is a sex toy out there for everyone depending on your own personal kinks or desires. Shop around online for the sex toy that can enhance your personal pleasure now!

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