What to Consider Before Decorating Your Bedroom

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If you’re decorating your bedroom for the first time, you probably need some help. Getting the bedroom decorating basics right from the start is essential to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere in your sleeping space.

So, before you run along and buy some Boho quilts for your bed or wallpaper for the wall, consider these five crucial bedroom decorating considerations.

1. Wall Color

The color of your bedroom wall will affect the décor and color theme you choose for your space.

We recommend a calming wall color such as natural green, light blue, violent or soft pink. Such colors are relaxing and induce sleep, making them ideal for bedroom walls. If you’re going for a more minimalist look, consider neutral hues for your wall, such as light gray, white, beige, or cream.

If you prefer more saturated and bright colors in your bedroom, you can paint an accent wall with lively colors and leave a lighter color on the other part of the wall.

2. Décor Theme

You should decorate your bedroom in such a way that it reflects your personality and taste. Choosing a décor theme early in the decorating process also makes it easier to decide which accessories and decorative items to buy.

A few décor themes you can consider for your bedroom include:

  •         Romantic
  •         Bohemian
  •         Coastal
  •         Traditional
  •         Industrial
  •         Nautical
  •         Cottage
  •         Shabby chic
  •         Urban modern

3. Bedding

The bed is the most focal item in your room, and its comfort is paramount if you’re to get a restful night. If you intend to replace your bed, ensure you buy one that is comfortable and durable. A comfortable mattress and bedding should also complement your bed.

Further, consider your decorating style when buying your bed and bedding. For instance, Boho quilts will look great if you’re going for a Boho-chic style. Similarly, ruffled bed sheets or a velvet upholstered headboard are perfect for a romantic-styled bedroom.

4. Lighting

You’ll want to make sure your bedroom has a window and that it’s well illuminated. Place your bed next to or opposite the window to get maximum natural light in.

Further, choose a lighting fixture that casts a soft glow to give your space a relaxed and calm mood. Although the light fixtures you choose for your bedroom need to be practical, ensure they also make a statement.

Lastly, consider the size of your light fixture. A large light fixture will look good on a spacious bedroom, while small, simple fixtures are great for tiny spaces.

5. Budget

It’s essential that you decide how much you’re willing to spend on your bedroom decorating project. This will ensure you don’t end up running out of money in the middle of your project. You can also decide to repurpose or sell some old decor to supplement your budget.

Ensure you do some window shopping to familiarize yourself with the decor item prices, and don’t forget to factor in your budget the money you’ll spend on skilled labor.

If you were stuck on where to start with your bedroom decorating project, now you have the essential considerations at your fingertips.  After following the above checklist, you can now go on and make your bedroom stand out!

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