Awesome Places to Visit in the Philippines

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If you are looking for a place to visit that has beautiful scenery, warm weather, a vibrant nightlife and friendly people, then the Philippines could be the destination for you. The Republic of the Philippines is a Southeast Asian country situated in the Pacific Ocean. The country is made up of around 7640 islands and so has an abundance of beaches, making it a haven for beach lovers and those who enjoy water sports. If you would like to experience the delights the Philippines has to offer, here are some of the country’s best places to visit.

Cool Condominiums

The Philippines has accommodation to suit all tastes. If you want to wake up to the sound of waves ebbing and flowing on a beautiful sandy beach, then there are plenty of beach resorts with luxurious facilities all over the islands. If you want to experience country life, look for a condo to rent in a mountain village or if you prefer the bright lights of the city, check out some of the beautiful hotels in the country’s capital city, Manila.

Excellent Eateries

Fresh fruit is in abundance in the Philippines, as is rice and cassava and all feature heavily in traditional dishes. In general, the Filipino cuisine is flavorsome but not as heavily spiced like the cuisine from other Asian countries. meaty stews of beef, pork, and vegetables are a staple of most families. Being in a developing country, people will use all parts of the animal they eat. Sisig is a dish made from chopped-up pig face, cooked on a hot plate, and made creamier with egg or pigs’ brains.

Those with a sweet tooth will love Halo-halo which is a dessert made with shaved ice mixed with milk, topped with a slice of cream custard flan, purple yam, beans, fruits, crisped rice and jelly candies. If you want to taste the ultimate halo-halo, visit the Milky Way Café in Manila.

A popular restaurant for tourists to visit is Waterfalls Restaurant in San Pablo city. It is located in Escudero resort plantation in the middle of a shallow river and flanked by Labasin Falls, which is a waterfall resulting from runoff from a hydroelectric plant. You will dine barefoot at the base of the waterfall and enjoy a buffet of fresh fruit, fish, rice, and chicken.

Sensational Scenery

The rice fields at Banaue are considered by many to be the eighth wonder of the world. These terraces for growing rice and vegetables were carved into mountains in Ifugao over 2000 years ago and are still used today.

Nature lovers will not run out of exciting experiences in the Philippines. Donzol in the southern part of Luzon is an ecotourism hot spot where you can swim alongside the largest fish in the world – the whale shark.  It is also a fantastic place to scuba dive. The Caramoan Islands are known for their abundant marine life and quiet, pristine beaches.

If hiking is your thing, you can take a walk through tropical vegetation to Sagada where you will find a cemetery with coffins suspended on the mountainside. 

In the Bohol province of the Philippines, there are small grass-covered hills covering an area of around 20 square miles. These 1200 or so hills are approximately 50 meters in height and will change from green to brown during the dry season. They are nicknamed the Chocolate Hills because of this color change and are a sight to behold.

The list of breath-taking locations in the Philippines is vast so it is best if you hop on a plane and experience them for yourself!

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