Learn About Your Past Life With These Numbers

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Ancient Greeks believed that numbers carried energy and affected their existence. Your birth date can give a glimpse into the distant past — beyond your present life. According to numerologists, human souls change bodies but remain the same. So, what insights can you expect? Numbers can determine who we are and who we become. For example, if you see 555 repeatedly, the meaning of it is specific changes, which can be checked out on the hiddennumerology.com website. The date of birth affects the future and reveals the past — specifically, the mistakes of your previous self. 

How to Calculate 

First, you need to determine your Karmic Debt Number. There are four of these: 13, 14, 16, and 19. Each signifies a certain personality flaw. 

If you were born on the 13th, 14th, 16th, or 19th day of the month, this is your number. Otherwise, add the digits in your date and month of birth (e.g., for May 5, this is 5+5=10=1+0=1). The following results give Karma Debt numbers: 

  • 4 (13=1+3=4)
  • 5 (14=1+4=5)
  • 7 (16=1+6=7)
  • 1 (19=1+9=10=1+0=1)

Finally, you may look at your life path number — the reflection of the true self. Add all the digits in your birthdate to get it. The result may also provide one of the Karma Debt numbers. So, what do they mean?

Number 13: Sloth

This number reveals a lack of energy and work, as well as the exploitation of other people. In your present life, you should avoid shortcuts. Perseverance will lead to success, but the path could be frustrating. Thomas Edison, a famous inventor with this personality number, famously said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Number 14: Control

This number signifies abuse of power, which may cause problems with control in your present life. Probably, you are paying the price for oppressing other people. Unexpected changes cause an obsession with personal freedom. 

The only solution is modesty. You need to become emotionally self-aware. Abraham Lincoln, who had this personality number, paid his debt successfully. 

Number 16: Vanity

In the past, your ego probably hurt other people, and your vanity needs to be destroyed. Whatever plan you make, some choices will be self-destructive, but they will eventually lead you to humility. Accept that you are superior only to your past self, not others. Mother Teresa, who has this personality number, taught the power of acceptance to millions. 

Number 19: Egoism

Talent in your past life may have attracted power. Your past self abused its gift to gain material benefits. Now, you may be overly focused on self-sufficiency. To find balance, help others, and accept their support. Elliott Ness, who led “The Untouchables” during the Prohibition, dedicated his life to justice.  

The Bottom Line

Your date of birth does not only affect your present and future. It also reveals the shortcomings of your past self so you can find the right direction in life. Do not ignore these signs. 

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