Trends of Site Design in 2021

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Web design production has grown tremendously over the past several years. It is at the intersection of two of the world’s fastest-growing industries: creativity and technology. Not surprisingly, new trends are continually appearing in web design. But what are the latest trends in web design in 2021 worth looking out for?


An important trend this year is seen as not only making the visual design of websites simpler but also user-friendliness and functionality.  A minimalistic web design solution will always be essential in a new digital world. It will remain a key part of contemporary user interface design for many years. Something simple, useful and memorable requires:

  • simple forms
  • clear text
  • restricted colour palettes
  • empty space

Besides, minimalism isn’t just about black or white. For 2021, colourful minimalism gains momentum through both graphic and web designs. It uses block colours and bright foregrounds, simple sans serif, minimalist fonts as well as minimalist design elements. The QYTO blog about iGaming is a prime example of these features.

Bold anti-design

An anti-design website is an effective tool when it comes to attracting attention and standing out from the rest. Anti-design as a trend has emerged anew with the regeneration of brutalism during 2019. It teaches how to discard all rules and expectations. 

Recently, this controversial style has made its way into pop culture and social media, as well as into graphic and web design. Anti-design is described as something raw, crude, irreconcilable and chaotic. It has experimentation with asymmetrical details, excesses, contortions, layerings and usually ugly elements that demonstrate that it really won’t appeal to everyone. 

Proper Holistic Web Design

Holistic web design is said to embrace health and wellness. But that’s not what designers and developers usually mean when they mention it. Holistic web design is a process of thinking about all parts of a project and understanding and considering how they fit together. 

Great content will be unnecessary if the visuals are bad. Likewise, even the most beautiful website in the world won’t do anything if it’s not too useful. That’s why holistic web design is first and foremost a process. The steps and planning may be a little different for each design and development team, but they have a lot in common.

In the planning and research phase of a web design project, there are three basic tasks to accomplish:

  • Determine the goals of the project
  • Determine the scope of the project
  • Determine the audience or user for the project

These elements will shape how the project comes together and should be the foundation for everything else moving forward. If the project does not meet the project goals or falls outside the scope of the project, it should be reconsidered.

Dark colour scheme

Dark backgrounds are certainly the trend that had the biggest impact on web design in 2020 and continue to be popular that year. Major brands are using a dark background or switch for their products and portfolios, as it’s a great way to add modernity and elegance to a website. By increasing the contrast, design elements become more prominent. In addition, dark mode uses less energy on the device and is better for perception, because it reduces the negative impact of blue on the eyes.

More and more neomorphic options with a controversial UX design based on flat design are adding the option of a dark background, despite having originally been created using exclusively white and light colour schemes. It’s gorgeous and yet so simple at the same time. In this case, designers can play around with different elements such as pastels or neon, which are two of the top trends of last year. 

Collage and mixed techniques

Collage is one of the most popular graphic design trends of 2021. This trend has quickly gained popularity in the world of web design as well. There is no better way to impress website users than with arts and crafts.

The concept of mixing different tactics will only gain momentum in 2021. It all promises incredible results. Now that collage has moved into the digital realm, there are new elements that web designers can interact with: 

  • animated collages
  • huge decorative fonts
  • artistic textures
  • animated distorted text

What’s more, the collages of 2021 don’t hide anything from us. Designers mix images that clearly belong to different worlds, like illustrations and photographs. And rather than hide any manipulation of the photos, they cut and paste images quickly and carelessly, leaving angled edges and a white outline.



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