Fashion Tips to Help You Look Amazing This Summer

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One of the biggest challenges in summer is to be cool in the sweltering and humid weather. As tough as it can be at times, it really is possible to be fashionable and cool. Summer is the season to shed off your dark and heavy clothes, and go for light, bright and fun clothes. It’s a season to enjoy eye-catching flowery clothing that is bold and easy to wear. There are many ways to get your summer wardrobe in sync with the warm weather and be stylish at the same time. Incorporate a few changes here and there in your wardrobe, and you’ll enjoy the season in bold styles that are fashionable. Below are some tips to help you do so.

1. Wear Flowing Clothes

Go for flowing fashionable clothes, as they allow the body to cool off the fastest. They flow in the wind, whereas tight clothes will be sweaty and constricting in the warm weather. Loose-fitting clothes give a relaxed vibe and stylish look. Off-shoulders dresses, short one-form dresses, loose shirts, cropped loose tops, and oversize blouses are fun and beautiful wear in summer.

2. Go for Hats

Hats protect the hair, eyes, and face from the sun’s rays. You will be protected from the direct sun and keep your head more relaxed. The ears and the neck are as well shielded. Hats make a fashion statement as well as there are different kinds of hats you can choose from. Go for what suits your fashion and syncs with your other wear. If you are not sure what would look best on you, a visit to a hat’s shop, milliner, will be fruitful.

3. Go for Breathable Fabric

To keep cool, be attentive to the fabrics you wear. Choose stylish cotton, linen, and silk clothes as they are moisture-wicking. These fabrics are breathable and are comfortable as they transmit moisture away from the body. They keep the skin cool and dry from sweat. There is beautiful and creative summer light wear in the market to keep you trendy and cool in the warm season.

4. Wear Bright and Light Colors

Dark clothes trap light and heat from the sun, and this makes the body warm. Light and white colors reflect the light, therefore, making the body cool. You’ll get hot in dark clothing, whereas light-colored clothing will keep you cool. Light, bright and white clothes appear gentle, soft, and calming. These colors are always beautiful and stylish.

5. Go for One-Piece Garment

One-piece clothes such as romper, wrap, maxi, and sundress are free-flowing and stylish. They have minimal contact with the skin and help to keep the body cool. The one-piece dresses keep the body ventilated. They are fashionable as they come in different designs of necklines and can fit any body size and shape. These dresses are flattering to women of all ages.

6. Use Natural Make-up

It is impractical to wear loads of make-up in hot weather as it will run. Be careful with the makeup you choose to avoid accidents when you sweat in the warm weather. Yes, a chubby face can slide off because of sweat. Go for light and natural colors instead of the regular heavy ones. Makeup professionals recommend you use sheer, lightweight creamy products as they blend with the skin.

7. Wear Minimal Jewelry

Jewelry can stick on the skin because of sweat. It is, therefore, advisable to have as minimal jewelry as possible. Remember you are also in bright-colored clothes. Since less is more, you’ll still be fashionable. You can go for one piece of statement jewelry, and this will compensate for the minimal look. You can wear a multicolored necklace or a pair of hoop earrings.

8. Dress in Layers

Though it is generally hot in summer, you might find some places like offices are more relaxed because of air conditioning. Go for layers that match up and are stylish. This will keep you comfortable and fashionable even when you remove or put on as the situation demands. Layering protects you as you can peel off when need be and when in a cold place, you will add more clothes. You will be protected all through despite the changing weather situations.

9. Wear Sandals and Open Shoes

Open shoes and sandals will give your feet space to breathe. Closed shoes can be very constricting and uncomfortable in hot weather. Go for stylish shoes that are suitable for the occasion you attend. For example, strappy heels shoes would be suitable for a wedding. Sandals are practical beachwear as they are handy and protective to the feet.

10. Wear Fun Accessories

Stylish sunglasses will be fashionable as well as protective. Your eyes will be shielded from the bright light while still making a statement. Go for a pair that suits your face shape and taste. On handbags, go for a lightweight neutral-colored bag as it will match most of your colorful bright wear. Go for a versatile piece.

11. Invest in Fashionable Summer Shorts

Fashionable and stylish summer shorts are trendy and will keep you cool. Shorts are unbelievably comfortable in summer. They are very versatile as you can wear them as beachwear, at home, and as dinner wear, depending on how you accessorize them. Invest in shorts that can match the tops that you have to adopt different looks.

12. Fashionably Style and Protect Your Hair

In summer, the sun and humidity affect the hair. You can fashionably style yourself in styles that will keep your head cool. Cover the hair when possible with well-tied bandanas to protect it from the sun’s rays. Ensure the hair is well-moisturized to keep it hydrated. Have the hair in a style that complements your other accessories like sandals.

Though what matters most in the choice of summer wear is comfort in the warm weather, that doesn’t mean you can’t be trendy. These days, fashion is essential to everyone, year in, year out. You can be bold in the bright and colorful light clothes of the season. Accessorize fashionably and minimally as the clothes are already loud enough in their bright colors. If you follow the tips shared above, you’ll be home and dry fashion-wise this summer.



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