Vacation Rental Hacks: Tips that Will Make Your Airbnb Stats Skyrocket

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Owning a vacation rental is a great way to make extra money. But, along with being a property owner, as a vacation rental owner you have many more obligations that you’ll need to meet in order for guests to keep coming back to your place.

A vacation rental is a lot like a side-project of sorts. And, your side-project is also like a side-hustle. As such, you’re going to want to offer your guests the best experience possible. This will keep them happy and it will keep your side-hustle lucrative.

If you want to see a spike in Airbnb statistics, there are several methods for making this dream a reality. Here, we’ll outline a few tips that will enhance the value of your rental and allow you to see a rise in your stats. 

Here, we’ll outline a few tips that will enhance the value of your rental and allow you to see a rise in your stats and become an airbnb superhost.

Regular Maintenance 

It should go without saying that a clean and well-kept home is a happy home. Even if you’re never physically staying at your property yourself, other people will be. And, other people are going to want to stay in a place that is kept up and maintained. 

Nobody wants to stay in a pigsty. It’s one thing to leave your space a mess for a little while, but if you’re renting a property, it’s up to you to keep it maintained. Ensuring that you regularly maintain your property both with interior and exterior areas will be sure to get you better reviews, and you’ll even see a rise in your statistics over time.

A maintenance checklist typically includes the following:

  • Yard Maintenance
  • Clean Rain Gutters
  • Cleared Pathways 
  • Washed Siding 
  • Vacuum carpets 
  • Clean Walls
  • Clean Windows
  • Clean Kitchen (refrigerator and oven)
  • Clean and Dust Free Furniture 

Adhering to the above list is only a starting point to properly maintaining your home. You might wish to add a few items to the checklist in order to have a well-kept property or do some home remodeling to help lure guests to your property as well.

Home Themes

Most people going on vacation want to get away from the normal and the mundane. They want to feel like they’re away from home, and they want to relax into their vacation space and take it all in. 

A theme for your vacation rental makes all of the above possible. And, this will also get you better reviews and you’ll see a boom in your stats. 

Picture this: You want to vacation by the beach and take in all of the sights and sounds of the ocean landscape. Well, the last thing you’ll want to do is stay in a place with pictures of ducks and barns all over the walls. If you wanted to vacation in rural America, chances are you’d just go there, right?

Whether you have a vacation property in a coastal location, in the mountains, or in the middle of America, you’ll want the decorative theme of your rental to match the area where your home is located.

If you’re a coast dweller, use pastel blues in your paint scheme. Hang pictures of coastal wildlife like seagulls, seashells and fun beach scenes. The same is true for a mountain property. Use decorative elements that reflect the surrounding environment and colors that match as well. 

You want to allow your guest the full experience of “getting away,” and the best way to do this is to coordinate the theme with the location.

Additional Tips

In addition to maintenance and using a theme, consider offering amenities like toys for families with kids, or outdoor sports equipment. If your property has a pool, ensure that you provide popular pool elements such as rafts, noodles, goggles, and floaties. 

Additionally, entertainment is a huge factor when it comes to vacation rentals. Perhaps you can allow your guests to use streaming services, or allow them to connect with your network to use their own. 

Cards and board games are also great things to consider to assist your guests in passing the time on a rainy day. 

All in all, you want to provide the best experience possible that will make your guests rave about your property so you can get a surge in your stats. 

Finally, ask each guest to leave a review about your property after staying. Or, make comment or suggestion cards that guests can fill out so that you’ll know how to modify your property to make it better for all potential guests. 

You never know, the best ideas might just come from that lone traveler staying for a night or two. 

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