3 Different Ways to Consume CBD

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CBD has been much in the news over the past few years. With the legalization of cannabis having added to the already growing CBD and vaping device markets, it’s no surprise that there are many newcomers to the world of CBD. Cannabidiol is an extract of cannabis that does not contain the psychoactive element. You don’t get high with CBD, but you do feel relaxed. It’s also used by people to help with chronic pain and other ailments. Following are the three main methods of consuming CBD.

Vaping CBD 

The most popular and in many ways effective method of consuming CBD is vaping. CBD comes in oil and wax form, and there are many vape pens and other devices available that can be used to create a CBD vapor cloud.

Vaping differs to smoking in that there is no combustion involved. It is combustion itself that creates the dangerous by-products of smoking tobacco that we now know cause many illnesses. A vape pen is the most popular device: small, discreet and easy to use, you can buy vape pens for a few dollars and start your vaping journey right away. 

There are also disposable vape pens that are one-time use, and these are very cheap. We recommend if you want to go down this route you invest in a decent vape pen and a stable 510 thread battery for CBD cartridge use. This will enable you to get the best results. Here are the main benefits of vaping CBD over other methods, as well as notable negatives:

Pros of Vaping CBD:

  • High concentration goes straight to the lungs for maximum effect
  • Some vape devices can be adjusted for temperature and delivery
  • Zero combustion
  • Easy dosage regulation

Cons of Vaping CBD:

  • Need to purchase a vape device and accessories
  • Easy to vape more than you need
  • Not discreet in public

CBD Topicals 

Should vaping not be for you that’s OK, as another convenient method of using CBD is in the form of topicals. These can be oils, lotions, balms, creams and other applicable substances. Topicals are used to treat muscle pain and have been shown to soothe migraines. There is also proof that CBD can help with skin problems such as eczema and acne, and it is frequently used successfully by sufferers of both.

CBD topicals are offered by most of the leading names in the CBD market. Here’s out checklist of the pluses and minuses of using topicals:

Pros of CBD Topicals:

  • Very simple, just apply it to the skin
  • No device or accessories required
  • Successful for muscle pain, migraine and skin conditions

Cons of CBD Topicals:

  • Neither as long-lasting or direct as other methods
  • Great quantities are needed for higher doses

CBD Edibles

The third popular method is to take CBD edibles which come in the form of gummies and oils. Oils can be put on your food or in a drink, while gummies are like small candies you buy in a packet and take when you want a CBD hit.

The beauty of edibles is in the simplicity and discretion – you could even pop a gummie at work and nobody need know – but there are some drawbacks to this method. Here’s a look at the pros and cons:

Pros and Cons of CBD Edibles:


  • Simple and discreet, can be taken anywhere
  • Choice of oils or sweets


  • Larger doses mean many gummies
  • Can be a while before the effects are felt

That’s our brief look at the ways of taking CBD, and it’s clear that if you want an immediate hit then vaping is the way to go.



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