How to Easily Carry Your Essentials With You While You’re Outside

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How do you carry your essentials when outside? Whether you are walking, running, or going for errands, you will need a place to keep your valuable items, including identification documents and smart gadgets. Having a place to carry your essentials also makes it easier to run for your errands and perform other activities. For instance, you may need a place to stash your credit cards, identification cards, and other documents to avoid inconveniences while shopping or exercising. This article will explain some ideas which you can use for your various essentials. Read on for the list.


Wallets are some of the favorites for carrying cards and other small documents when moving around. However, you need to know what to keep in your wallet, as it cannot carry everything. Wallets are best suited for physical cash, cards, identification cards, medical cards, and much more. You shouldn’t keep your secret information, including passwords, social security numbers, blank checks, too much cash, and much more. Carrying such things might cause inconveniences when you lose your wallet. The good thing about wallets is that they come in different designs and make. You can choose one depending on your gender, size, design, material, and cost.


If you see carrying the standard wallet is hectic, you can purchase a stick-on wallet to carry your small essentials, including credit cards, cash, and other smaller essentials. What are stick-on wallets? As their name suggests, these are pockets stuck at the back of your phone. This situation means you will be going with your phone, carrying your cards and other documents when moving out. While at times these pouches appear smaller, they do stretch and can hold multiple cards at once. You can use them on any smartphone, regardless of their size, including the android and apple smartphones. The stick-in wallets are light in weight; only the contents will matter. They come in different colors to fit different phones and different preferences. It’s recommended to get one with anti-slip material to avoid your cards slipping out when on the move.

Shoe Wallet

A shoe wallet is another kind of wallet meant for athletes or individuals who love walking or running for exercises. The shoe wallets are meant to fit in your shoelaces and come with a Velcro closure, which ensures your essentials are safe while moving. This idea makes your shoes more valuable by making you carry your essentials while on the move. Shoe wallets can carry different items, including ID, keys, Credit Cards, Change, and any other smaller items. They are the most preferred wallets for individuals who don’t want to carry any excess luggage in their bodies. Some shoe wallets will have reflective tape as a caution to others. It is crucial to put the right things in your shoe wallet to avoid overloading it, which might cause difficulties in walking or running.

Plastic Baggie

Plastic baggies are the perfect traveling gear for minimalist travelers or runners who will want to protect their items while on the run. This easily available safety bag can help you carry your phone, watches, and other smart gadgets safely from unfavorable conditions, including rain and dust. If moving in many rainy or wet areas, it’s advisable to have pieces of cloth or paper towel on the baggies to keep your gadgets dry from any moisture in the bag.

Hidden Pockets

If you don’t want to carry any extra things to store your valuables, you can invest in gears with zippered hidden pockets. Most jackets and pants come with layered pockets that you can use to store your lightweight items, including credit cards, ID, licenses, and much more. Besides the jackets and pants, you can get yourself some cargo shorts, sports bras, and even bikers with inner pockets for storing the smaller essentials. Other people also have longer compression shorts with side pockets to carry more oversized items, including phones and other smart gadgets. Ensure you are comfortable with the weight when using this method to carry your essentials.

Running Belt or Pouches

Running belts and waist pouches have been in use since time immemorial. They are specifically designed for the youth to carry smaller items, including cash, cards, and smartphones, especially when going to a party. They have a sleek design and are made to fit comfortably and snugly around your waist. These bags have adjustable belts to ensure they balance and fit well in anyone’s waist without bouncing. Running belts or waist pouches are roomy enough to carry even your keys and other items which other carriers won’t. It would be best to find one which will match your many outfits.

Zipped Wristband or Armband

Have you tried a zipped wristband or armband to carry your essentials with? If not, try one today. Many companies are now making stylish wristbands and armbands with pockets, sealed with a zip which you can use to carry your light essentials. These wristbands and armbands are washable and used mainly by athletes to wipe out sweat during vigorous training or play. With these bands, you can stash your phone, cash, card, and much more. You can get the normal bands or the waterproof ones that keep your essentials secure and waterproof at all times.


These bags have different names, depending on the region and who is using them. They are also known as knapsack, sackpack, rucksack, book sack, or bookbags. Backpacks are best suited for carrying more oversized items, including technological gadgets and other essentials, especially during camping. There are different backpacks to choose from, depending on the material, design, size, and quality. Most are manufactured by the leading sports companies for the sportsmen when traveling for games, including the Nike and Adidas companies. You can also get a waterproof one, which will keep your gadgets dry during the rainy season.

We have come to the end of our list of essential items you can use to carry your things when on the move. When choosing one, it is crucial to consider your needs, costs, material, availability, and other determinants. Also, it is best to buy from reputable sellers to get the best quality possible. 

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