Wedding Planning Do’s and Don’ts According to the Experts

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Getting engaged is a special moment that brings a ton of joy. Right after you have that ring on your finger, however, an avalanche of tasks falls upon you to plan your wedding. Everyone knows that planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, especially if you do not have any idea where to start. Luckily, the following do’s and don’ts can be quite helpful in your journey towards getting the perfect wedding day for you and your significant other.

1. Create Your Own Rules

One of the things that a lot of brides fall into is peer pressure. In fact, it is not just peers pressuring the bride, it is also family. You need to remember that this is your special day. You should be thinking of what makes you and your partner happy, which means that you set your own rules to follow. This does not necessarily mean not taking advice from those you trust. You have the final say in what happens on your wedding day from A to Z.

2. Set a Realistic Budget

Setting a budget is an important step, it’s arguably the most important depending on who you ask. Weddings can be very expensive, and if you do not have a budget in mind, you will definitely be spending way more than what you had in mind. To put together an appropriate budget, you should continuously be aware of different costs, including the cost of the venue, decorations, catering, wedding cake, and your dress to name a few. You can always look up different prices online and how to find the perfect options for yourself. Having a preliminary budget in mind will ensure that you are aware of the choices you have to make. It will help you decide what you can afford and what you need to let go of.

3. Put Your Mental Well-being First

As mentioned above, brides-to-be experience a lot of peer pressure as well as pressure from family about how everything should go when it comes to the wedding. Not to mention the stress one feels when trying to make everything go off without a hitch. If you feel like the process is getting too stressful, do not hesitate to delegate tasks to others around you. Enlist the help of your maid of honor and bridesmaids to help you with some tasks. You can also enlist family members to ensure that the wedding of your dreams does not come at the cost of your mental health and emotional well-being. Do not, under any circumstances, push yourself to the point of becoming a bridezilla, because you are the one who will be most affected if you let the stress affect you.

4. Do Not Allocate Money Poorly

After setting an overall budget for your wedding, it is time to allocate the money properly. As mentioned above, there are different things that you need to think about for the wedding. For example, instead of spending copious amounts of money on flower arrangements, you can get simpler arrangements and allocate the spare budget for a photographer who can help you commemorate your wedding perfectly. Of course, the allocation of money will depend on how you prioritize different aspects of your wedding. The wedding planners at state that there are also other decisions that you need to keep in mind when creating the budget for your dream wedding. Being aware of these different aspects and how much money you are willing to allocate to each is going to be extremely helpful.

5. Do Not Limit Your Movement

One of the best aspects of your wedding is going to be the dress you wear. Your dress needs to make you feel special and beautiful. However, to appear beautifully should not come at the expense of limiting your movement during your reception. This is why you should do one of two things: either you choose a dress that allows you to move around and dance on your wedding day without issues, or you can get two dresses; one for the ceremony and another for the reception.

6. Do Not Take on the Entire Process Alone

Delegation is a big part of planning a wedding. If possible, you should look for a wedding specialist or assistant to help you organize the different tasks and set your appointments with different suppliers, venues, and companies as needed to ensure everything goes smoothly. If you do not have enough money in your budget to hire someone for such a job, do not be afraid to ask your family for help. They are going to be glad to help you in planning for your big day.

7. Find Out What to DIY

Many brides decide to get crafty and make their own wedding decorations. This can be a great idea if you have a tight budget and cannot afford to get ready-made decorations. You just have to be smart about knowing what you can decorate, and what you should be getting from a professional. This will ensure that you do not ruin your decorations or add to the stress and tasks to an already full plate.

8. Set the Date in Advance

This goes without saying, but it still needs to be mentioned. You should never leave this task to the last minute. You need to set your wedding date way ahead of time as this will ensure that all the venues you are pursuing as options for your wedding will be available. Setting the date in advance will also give you ample time to study your venue and figure out which decorations will work best for the space you have. It will also allow you to send out invitations in advance and find out who will be coming to the wedding.

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9. Rehearse Everything

Your wedding is not a common event that will be repeated anytime soon. If you want the event to go off seamlessly, then it is best to rehearse everything before the wedding actually occurs. Rehearsing the ceremony is going to make sure that you have your vows memorized and that you know exactly how each segment will progress.

Your wedding is going to be as perfect as you want it to be if you remember to keep your cool and not let the stress of the process get to your head. Make sure that you include your significant other in your plans because the day is not just special for you but also for them. Using these nine different dos and don’ts, you can rest assured that your wedding will be perfect.

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