Going To The Beach With Your Children? Here’s What You Need To Bring

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Picture this: it’s a hot summer’s day, you’re all packed, the kids are in tow, and you’re on your way to the beach. 10 minutes away from your destination, you realize that you’ve forgotten something. To help you avoid this dreaded scenario, we’ve curated a list of things you need to bring if you’re going to the beach with your children. We understand the chaos involved in packing and organizing everything, but the following checklist will put some of the stress away. 


Yes, this is super obvious. But it’s that important, so it had to be included. It’s not enough to only put sunscreen on at home, so be sure to bring it with you to re-apply as and when needed. The sunscreen should have an SPF rating of at least 30 to protect you against UVB rays and a minimum rating of 4 stars for maximum UVA protection. Protecting the kiddies from the damaging effects of the sun is key. While spending the day at the beach, you will be exposed to the sun for several hours, so ensure that you reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours as the sun can dry it off your skin. If you are spending lots of time in the water, use a water-resistant sunscreen. Top tip: place it in a plastic bag to keep it from leaking all over your stuff and prevent sand from getting inside the bottle. Pack sun hats, sunglasses, and beach umbrellas to keep everyone protected. 

Beachwear and Extra Clothing  

Make sure your kids have the appropriate beachwear on. If they’re just going to have a little splash in the water, then casual swimwear is fine. But if they’re going to spend lots of time in the sea, opt for swimwear with long sleeves for added protection. They are likely to be spending lots of time on their feet running around playing, so consider packing kids havaianas to protect your little one’s feet from any rocks or sharp items in the sand. Don’t forget to pack a change of clothing. There’s nothing worse than having to sit in the car in soggy clothing after a nice day out. That’s a sure-fire way to bring the mood down! Be sure to bring extra clothing for everyone on the trip so you’d be prepared for unexpected splashes that get your kids’ clothing wet.

Stake Your Spot 

If you want to create a nice spot where you can lounge about and enjoy your time, bring some beach towels to place on the sand. Even if you end renting a sun lounger, these will still come in handy. You could even spring for a pop-up tent, which is great for storing your belongings and keeping food and drinks cool. If you have young kids, this is a good place for them to have a nap as you won’t want them to spend the entire day in the sun, especially between the hours of 11 am – 3 pm. You might want to bring a colorful flag or a toy windmill so your kids would know exactly where you are sitting. 

Sand Toys 

As relaxing and soothing as the beach may be for you, kids sometimes need a little more excitement. Keep them entertained by bringing sand toys along. This will keep them occupied for hours as you relax with a good book. Be sure to bring along enough to go around to avoid any squabbles. You could even bring some plastic tubs for the kids to play with if you don’t think you have enough sand toys. 


Even if you’re planning to have the classic combo, fish, and chips, on the beach, make sure to bring plenty of snacks, food, and drinks. Swimming and playing in the sun in the sea are hunger- and thirst-inducing activities. To make sure everything runs smoothly, make sure the kids have plenty of food and drink to see them through the day. Bring lots of water to make sure everyone stays hydrated. If the weather is exceptionally hot, an icebox will help keep everything nice and cool.


If you have a baby in nappies, bring both swim and regular nappies. If your little one will be having a splash in the water, make sure to bring swim nappies. Once they’re done, you’ll want to put them in their usual nappies. If they’re too small for a splash in the sea, consider bringing a small paddling pool so they can keep up with their older siblings. 


Once the day is over, you’ll want to have enough towels for everyone off to dry themselves off. The towels will inevitably get all sandy and wet, so bring some spare bags to pop them there after you’re done with them to keep the moisture and sand from leaking in your car. Soggy towels and swimwear can be a huge pain, so ensure you have a good quality rucksack or a strong enough bag to carry them. 


These are great for cleaning any dirty hands or faces. Wipes are also fantastic for wiping away any sand, which can be incredibly irritating to get rid of. Your kids will probably alternate between playing and eating throughout the day, so make sure you bring enough wipes to keep them sufficiently clean. They can also be used to wipe down any toys or equipment that may have gotten a little dirty. 


This is an easy oversight, but bringing extra cash can be super helpful. You might come across a car park that only takes cash or the kids might spot the ice cream shop, and as you probably already know, nothing can stand between kids and their desserts once they start nagging! Having change on hand will help keep everyone happy and satisfied.

A spontaneous trip to the beach may be a thing of the past for you. Having your kids in tow means you might not be able to relax, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With a little extra prep and planning, you can still savor some relaxing moments and create beautiful memories for you and your family to treasure for a lifetime. 

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