Seven Tips To Brighten A Drab Bathroom

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Change is the only constant in life and that holds true even with our homes where we have lived comfortably for a long time. Needs change and in order to cater to these new needs, we look at the renovation of our homes. In fact, if you are looking at this article right now, that means you are looking at renovating your bathroom. Take this chance to add on additional facilities to your bathroom or remove that pesky part of the toilet that has irked you to this day. Replace your curtains with dallas shower doors to prevent wet floors. We have some ideas we would like to share if you are thinking of ways to spruce up your bathroom.

1. Embrace minimalism with low-flow, hidden-tank toilets

These are toilets whose tanks are hidden from sight within the walls that are adjoined to the toilet. Not only will these appear more aesthetically pleasing in a modern setting, but they will also help free up more space in your bathroom. This gives you an opportunity to use the space for other types of improvements. However, there are some drawbacks to this option. Unlike the traditional system tank where it is easily accessible, these hidden tanks will definitely prove more challenging to access. This will make repairs of any sort more difficult. So, if you feel that this will match your aesthetics and you are fine with the added challenge, this would be a good chance to implement hidden-tank toilets in your bathroom.

2. For safety’s sake, go with small, textured tile for shower floors

Showering can definitely become a safety hazard when soap gets all over the floor and reduces the traction between your sole and the floor. The risks of falling in the bathroom then increase as a result. So, there are many ideas on how to curb this such as buying anti-slip mats but if you want a more permanent option that happens to align with your renovation project. We would suggest changing up those shower floor tiles to something smaller with more texture. The groves between the smaller tiles and texture will provide more grip and reduce falling. You also do not have to worry about them causing mold as tiles have grouts to combat this issue.

3. Improve bathroom drainage with 2-inch plumbing drain pipes

This is highly recommended for people who have bigger families that utilize the same toilet as situations like these tend to be more prone to clogging. Not to mention, the typical plumbing drain pipes are 1 ½ to 1 ¼ inches in diameter. By increasing it to 2 inches, more waste will be able to go through it, and clogging problems, if any, will be resolved. The best part is that the change itself is not glaringly evident when it is done. It is a more subtle change that can greatly impact your shower experience.

4. Install only what you need, install a tub if you take baths

Needless to say, if you are not someone who enjoys taking baths, you can definitely do without the tub sitting in the middle of the bathroom taking up space. Tubs are often associated with the idea of flaunting your riches but you can honestly do without it if baths are not your thing. Your bathroom can still retain its classy exterior even without a tub. There are times when we should be choosing functionality over aesthetics especially with the smaller bathrooms. Putting a tub in one would just eliminate walking space.

5. Prevent mold and mildew by installing windows in the shower

Have you ever taken a look at the mirror on your wall in the bathroom after a particularly refreshing, warm bath? You would see water droplets streaking down to the base of the mirror. This indicates high humidity in bathrooms and sadly, the number one enemy of clean bathrooms is exactly that. Normally, the humidity will remain in the bathroom as there are no other outlets for this pressure to be released. By adding a window near the shower, the humidity can finally be ventilated. Of course, remember to use frosted glass to protect your privacy and also position the sill downwards so water does not accumulate which would defeat the purpose of installing a window.

6. Increase headspace with a recessed medicine cabinet

A recessed medicine cabinet is basically a cabinet that has been embedded within the walls. The whole structure of the cabinet is not jutting out at its complete size. The reduction in size is aided by the fact that the cabinet would be deeper in the walls. This way, whenever you have to bend over the sink, your head that normally bumps into the medicine cabinet, becomes a nonexistent problem. Furthermore, sleek and chic is the design of current times and by making these closets smaller, it will also match the modern aesthetics with its slimness.

7. Heighten visibility with better lighting installed in bathrooms

Most people underestimate what optimal lighting can do for the bathroom. Optimal lighting ensures that potential hazards are reduced in the bathroom. It is also one of the things that can contribute to the aesthetics of your bathroom. Lighting can affect the whole mood of the bathroom. Then for those of you who enjoy baths, you might not love it as much anymore if the lighting puts a damper on the mood in the bathroom. Even if you do not believe you need a complete overhaul of the lighting system, you could include some in the recessed fixtures around the mirror. This can help with cases where you need bright light to apply make-up or shave, and more.


In conclusion, these tips can provide a guideline as to what you can do to improve the aesthetics and functionalism of your bathroom. It never hurts to think back on what you yourself need and make your own customizations to it. Ultimately, the bathroom is going to be used by you and maybe your family. So, being happy with your bathroom and ensuring that everything installed is capable of meeting your needs is the most important.

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