Trading While Traveling

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Do you trade while you travel? Nowadays, anyone with a mobile device of any kind has the power to do so. But what exactly is trading while traveling? Simply put, it refers to a whole host of methods for earning money while on the go. Some people prefer to buy and sell stocks. Others opt for forex trading. Those who don’t care for the securities markets dabble in alternative investments like art, fine wine, and precious metals. Here’s a brief overview of how people trade while they travel, and what their favorite markets are.


The old standby for anyone who wants to earn money without dealing with the stock market. The beauty of buying and selling gold and silver bullion is the excitement of tracking prices from anywhere, any time. And, no matter where you are, bullion is highly liquid. If you can find a coin dealer or bullion trading shop, it’s simple to turn metal into cash and vice-versa.


One of the most popular ways to trade on the go and deal with the fast-paced, around-the-clock world of global currency is with forex trading. A popular option for beginners is easyMarkets, which offers trading conditions such as fixed spreads and no slippage to help traders better manage risk. Setting up an account is easy, and there is always an opportunity for enthusiasts who enjoy following the news, tracking their favorite currency pairs, and getting in on the action. Millions trade forex on a part-time basis from home or their mobile devices. Others make a full-time avocation out of it and use their smart phones as an essential business tool.


Even traditionalists who stick to corporate stock shares can track portfolios while on vacation or otherwise on the move. In fact, some of the first downloadable apps for mobile trading were designed for stock market enthusiasts, brokers, and casual traders.

Wine and Art

Some of the most exciting alternative niches include art and fine wines, both of which appear on peer-to-peer (P2P) and crowd-funding websites. Like real estate you don’t need a desktop computer or a fortune to buy in. A smartphone and as little as $20 can get you a piece of a $5,000 bottle of 2000 Château Mouton-Rothschild and follow the price as you travel across the continent in your camper, car, or tour bus. Likewise, art is one of the growing niches among alternative assets. The main way to take part in the trading is to find an online exchange that specializes in a style of art that interests you. It pays to specialize, unless you are an expert who knows all the art markets equally well. Consider choosing contemporary painting or sculpture to begin, as those two areas seem to be quite active and are open to newcomers.

Real Estate

The real estate niche has become quite diversified in the past decade. No longer limited to homes and apartment buildings as direct investments, there are now dozens of crowdfunding sites that let small investors back large ventures for as little as $25. Plus, along with real estate investment trusts (REITs), land, retail space, and other new ways of getting involved in real estate, anyone can check in on their investment properties via mobile apps 24/7.

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