4 Items You Absolutely Need On Your Next Backpacking Trip

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of freedom you get from a backpacking trip. Although, if you want to get the best out of your backpacking trip you need to take careful consideration of what you should bring. Every item has a purpose but you don’t want to be left carrying a tonne of items along your trip. There are ways to be minimalist and tactical in your packing. This article is going to show you the 4 absolute must-have items for your next backpacking adventure. 

1. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a lifesaver when it comes to organizing your backpack. For anyone who has not used these before, trust me, they are a game-changer. Packing cubes allow you to compartmentalize your stuff in the most space-efficient way so that you then have more room for things and it is easier to find your items as they are so neatly organized. You can get packing cubes in a variety of sizes with many brands to choose from. Naturally, some brands are going to be more expensive than others but you should be able to find something within your budget. Alternatively, zip lock bags make a good substitution for the cubes as they are also a good tool for space-saving. The zip-lock bags are handy for vacuum sealing clothes and packing them tightly, however, the downside is that you will have to rummage through the bags and it is less organized than the cubes. Alongside this, if you are sharing a room in a hostel, your fellow backpackers are not going to enjoy the sound of your plastic crackling late at night or early in the morning. 

2. Stoves

Backpacking stoves are an essential part of your travel appliances, and so, you want to make sure that you are getting one that is going to last. The MSR Windburner is an elite option for those who are looking to travel with a stove. There is an abundance of good stoves to choose from, however, this stove review stands out among the rest. The Windburner is a fuel-efficient stove that stays strong even in windy conditions. It also boils water within 3 minutes which is impressive for a portable stove. Whatever stove you end up choosing, you will want it to be nice and compact. The last thing you want is an oversized, heavy stove taking up all the room in your backpack. It is worth investing the time when choosing what travel stove to purchase. Ideally, you will want something compact, quick to heat up, and dependable in a variety of weather conditions. 

3. Microfibre Towel

A microfibre towel is essential for all travelers, no matter where they are going! There are many benefits to having one, for instance, they are lightweight and compact making them very easy to fold down and they weigh barely anything. These towels take up such little room, and yet can be used for several things, such as drying off after a swim, using it as a blanket, or even to dry dishes. For something so small, it offers several benefits to backpackers. You can find microfibre towels in all sizes and colors, however, sizing will vary depending on the brand so make sure you are checking the measurements before buying any vaguely sized products. You may think you are buying a ‘large’ but that is a subjective term, so check out the precise details before committing. Another advantage to the microfiber towel is that it is manufactured to be antibacterial. A big mistake first time travelers make is to bring a normal towel. These tend to be heavy, thick, and slow drying. The slow drying of a normal towel will hinder you as you end up having to put a wet towel in your backpack. Consequently, your clothing gets damp and your towel will stink. Make sure you opt for the microfibre towel so that you do not ever have to put up with smelly, slow drying, heavy towels ever again! 

4. Headlamp

A headlamp is a great purchase to make if you are thinking about going on a backpacking adventure. You may be wondering what’s wrong with just using a bog-standard torch, however, the headlamp will revolutionize your traveling experience. If you are in the dark and need to search for something, you restrict yourself by using a torch as you then only have one hand free. If you are in the great wilderness and need to pop for a wee outside, you will want to use a headlamp to make your life easier. Even if you just fancy reading a book late at night, pop the lamp on and you won’t have to keep one arm up shining the torch on your book. There are many scenarios where the headlamp is exactly what you needed. They tend to be more compact and easier to pack than a standard torch. Also, a headlamp tends to be far lighter than a torch, which is a huge plus because you will want to make sure that your bag is as light as possible. You can get headlamps relatively cheaply online, however, if you are going to be using it a lot, it is worth researching thoroughly and investing in one that is going to last in the long run. The last thing you want is to be out in the woods late at night and your headlamp suddenly stops working. 

All in all, the 4 items we have just explored are absolutely what you need for your next backpacking trip. They are all compact items that have a lot of advantages to offer. Travelling can have some stressful logistics to it, so having the right equipment and items will help to reduce stress. They make life easier for the backpacker and encroach on the little space that you may have in your bag, making each of these items a well worthy investment. 

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