10 Tips For Bringing Your Pets Energy Levels Up

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If your pet is too tired recently, they may need your help. Low energy among pets can be a symptom of something bigger. Maybe they are lonely, unhappy, or their diet is off. Let’s see what you can do to bring your pet’s energy up. 

Watch Over Their Food

It should come as no surprise that their food has a direct connection to how they feel. If you choose the wrong kind of food for them, it may affect everything from their health to energy level. It is especially common for cats who require a more careful diet. Frankly, you better contact your vet if you need to fix your pet’s diet. Before you pay a visit, you can also read some unbiased cat food reviews to see what is out there. Overall, if your pet is low on energy, food can be the number one reason this is happening. 

Arrange Social Activities

If you only have one pet at home, they may feel bored or lonely. It is quite common among pets, though dogs in particular. Animals are social creatures. I know you may not say that by looking at your cat but trust me, they love company. If your pet seems to be very inactive lately, having a friend over will definitely cheer them up. It is an element of play, curiosity, and companionship that will wake up your pet from their inertia. 

Get More Toys

We don’t always have enough time on our hands to play with our pets. You shouldn’t feel guilty about it. However, you can compensate for your lack of time with some fun toys. Sometimes your pets look like they lack energy only because they are bored. They either have nothing to play with, or their old toys have already bored them. So getting them a new toy can boost their mood and inspire them to play. You can’t have too many balls around the house when you have a pet.

Brain Stimulators

Speaking of toys, plays that stimulate brain activity can be no worse for lifting your pet’s energy than any other toys. Our pets need to be entertained. It is crucial to their mental health. Hence, if there is nothing to stimulate their brains, they fall into apathy. Then no wonder that they don’t want to do anything. They are bored and not interested in their usual activities. Having brain-stimulating toys will help. It is especially true for dogs who are restless and curious by nature. You can also read some gnc dog vitamins reviews to see what else can help them increase their mental activity. 

Get Active!

Whenever you do have some spare time, though, do spend it with your pets. Being active together is a lot of fun. You can pick any activity you find appropriate. Of course, it’s really a brainer when you have a dog. You can go to the park, have a long walk around the city, or even take a road trip to wild nature. With cats, it can be tricker. You can go outside with them, of course. However, not all cats love that idea. However, you can build them a special corner, where they can jump, climb, take ladders, and all other kinds. You can put some food in there to motivate them for action. 

Teach Them Something New

You must have noticed that pets love learning something new. It is a bog drill for them to master a new trick. With dogs, we tend to teach them the most tricks they know. It is quite easy to train them, and finding a new trick for them should not be a problem. With cats, however, things get a little more complicated. Cats usually learn their trick on their own, whether it is opening a jar with cookies or jumping to the highest shelf. 

Spend More Time Together

Sometimes they seem bored or apathetic only because they miss us. So do spend more time with your pets whenever you can. You don’t have to do anything special. Just sit next to them and pet them. All we are saying that spending most of your time at home but without your pets near you does affect their mood. 

Reduce Stress Factors

Your pet may not want to do anything because of the stress. It is more common than you’d think. Of course, cats are way more sensitive to stress than dogs, though it doesn’t mean your dogs can feel it too. If you are stressed, they can feel it. If you have recently moved to a new house or had big changes in your life, they feel it. Try to reduce those stress factors so your pet could go back to normal. 

Check Their Health

If you are concerned that your pets are not up to their usual energy levels, it can be a good reason to visit the vet. It may have nothing serious. However, you still need to be sure, don’t you? Sometimes even a tick or helminths may cause a serious drop in your pet’s energy levels. So if it seems like nothing can cheer them up, do call your vet. 

Age Is A Factor Too

As a pet owner, you may not want to admit that, but aging can cause their drop in energy. It is okay. Most kittens and pups are crazy energetic when they are at that age. However, with years, they tend to become more calm and slow. It’s just nature. 

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