How The Beauty Of Flowers Calms The Psyche And Why Humans Are Drawn To It

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There is a special relationship between humans and flowers that goes back for a millennia. We appreciate their beauty and are attracted by their scent and fragile texture even if most of them don’t provide physical sustenance and don’t have any other type of value. We invest physical effort to grow and cultivate flowers, we decorate our homes with them, and we use them to express affection and gratitude.

But why? What drove early humans towards these fragile plants that usually don’t have much use besides aesthetics? As it turns out, our relationship with flowers goes beyond primal instincts and proves we love to interact with the environment in ways that are not necessary for our survival as a species. 

It’s a Positive Experience

Our interaction with flowers is a multi-sensory experience that includes smell, texture, and colors, which creates positive emotions allowing us to feel good and unwind. Furthermore, in order to enjoy the experience, we have to work for it by taking care of the flowers and nurturing them until they bloom. 

In addition, flowers activate our visual cortex in combination with other structures in the brain like the affective circuits. We are also beings that can easily recognize patterns and symmetry, which are very common in the world of flowers. Our brain becomes increasingly mesmerized by the mysteries hidden behind the beauty of these natural elements and the entire experience becomes very stimulating. As a result, even now (in modern times), we enjoy growing flowers in our homes, far away from Mother Nature. 

They Make for Amazing Tokens of Affection

We use flowers to show gratitude, love, and sorrow – in fact, most life-changing events are celebrated with flower decorations. Not to mention that we have it quite easy nowadays since we can easily order a flower arrangement delivery (we don’t have to tend to the flowers ourselves anymore). For instance, you can use a site like The Bouqs Co. to send a beautiful flower arrangement to someone you love and/or admire, or send a bouquet to someone in the hospital with all your good wishes.

We Relax in the Presence of Flowers 

Humans have a need for a deeper connection with Mother Nature that doesn’t get fulfilled in modern times. According to modern studies, there are plenty of mental and health benefits of being outdoors and enjoying nature, but our current lifestyle doesn’t match. After all, we live in highly stacked buildings, we work in glass giants, and we travel in vehicles at incredible speeds.

But we still have flowers in our homes, offices, and reception areas. Besides their decorative role, flowers also help us satisfy our deeply rooted thirst for nature. They let us see the natural green of their leaves and tickle the brain with their beautiful patterns that allow the eye to relax and wonder. 

However, flowers are not the answer to a healthier lifestyle that’s more in-tune with nature. Luckily, we also have green areas in the city and large parks where we can enjoy being outside while still in close proximity to our home and workplace. While it is a good idea to have flowers indoors, you should also visit the ones outdoors as soon as possible. 

Beauty, fragrance, color, and symmetry – all these are important elements that come together to create some of Mother Nature’s most amazing elements. So, there is no wonder that we are attracted to flowers (and we’re not the only ones as other species seem to appreciate their beauty). 

In closing, we’ll let you feast your eyes and soul on the beauty of blooming flowers that’s incredibly well-captured in this video timelapse. It is a wonderful way to relax and get in touch with your inner child who dreams about running barefoot in the morning grass.

Photo by Roberta Sorge on Unsplash



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